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Shopping to lose weight, master 5 tips and 5 points of attention

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Shopping is a favorite of women, but did you know that shopping can actually lose weight? After you complete your shopping list, you can burn a lot of calories! The following small editor will help JMS summarize the way in which calories are consumed during the shopping process. Try it during the New Year's discount season.

How can you lose weight and beautify when you go shopping

Shopping is a good aerobic exercise. At least one or two hours, more than three or four hours, so continuous walking can increase the strength of the legs and consume excess calories in the body. According to a survey, a woman will consume about 385 calories if she walks at least 7,000 steps a week. All in all, walking more than 250 kilometers a year is equivalent to a round trip from Guangzhou to Shenzhen! Another reason to lose weight is to eat less when shopping. Although many people do not deliberately control their diet when shopping, enjoying what they eat is no longer important.

Shopping or shopping, whether shopping or not, understanding the trend, price and quality of the goods, and admiring shiny jewelry and gorgeous clothes under the light is a huge psychological satisfaction and a very pleasant enjoyment for beauty-loving women. The effect of skin care is self-evident.

  How to go shopping for more effective fitness and Weight loss

When walking, keep your chest straight, your back straight, your shoulders heavy, and your abdomen tightly closed. Don't arch your waist. If you do not tighten your lower abdomen, no matter how much you walk, you will not be able to stimulate your abdominal muscles and your lower abdomen will not flatten. When walking, the pace is slightly faster than usual, and a 70 cm stride is more suitable, so that the leg muscles can be fully exercised. Boiled water is indispensable for burning fat, so you can bring some mineral water instead of high-calorie carbonated drinks. If you are afraid of hunger, bring some healthy snacks in advance, such as yogurt and vegetable bars, to resist high-calorie foods.

Shopping time should not exceed 3 hours, especially in some closed and unventilated shopping malls. After returning home, it is recommended to stretch and massage the legs to avoid horizontal development of the legs due to shopping. Standing and walking for a long time can cause lower body edema. Do some leg presses, or flatten your legs, or place them on a wall or armrest of a sofa, and knead the fat and muscles from the ankles with both hands.

5 tips for shopping for Weight loss:

   1. Park the car at the farthest point in the parking lot

Leave your jacket in the car because you are cold and you will rush to the store. Don't worry, a little bit of running will be very effective! If you take a bus or subway, try to get off one stop earlier. You will not regret it.

2. While paying, do abdominal exercises

When the cashier comes to withdraw the money, shrink your abdomen, as if someone hit you. Let your left leg and right leg alternately leave the ground for 30 seconds. This kind of balance training can make your abdominal muscles stronger.

3. Enjoy the feeling of carrying the spoils

Don't run back to the parking lot. On the contrary, when shopping, holding your trophy and bending your arm from time to time will make your arm line more perfect.

 4. Walk diagonally in the parking lot

After shopping, run sideways to your car to burn fat on the inner and outer thighs.

 5. You will feel healthier

Go home, pack your spoils, and do 15 squats. Believe me, you will feel that you are full of energy in the gym.

 5 items to note when shopping to lose weight:

   1. Choose the wrong time

Shopping for girls is usually a decision made on a whim, so it is usually made on the same day after work or during lunch breaks. This will not only delay rest and affect normal eating, but also cause depression due to tight shopping time. It can also lead to eating more after shopping, reducing sleep quality, sulking, etc. The result is that the body consumes more calories.

 2. Choose the wrong outfit

It is generally believed that shopping is to choose the most comfortable clothing, but flat shoes and loose-fitting clothes will actually make you consume fewer calories. If you choose to go shopping all day, you'd better not wear it.

 3. Sitting and trying on clothes

Shopping is also a physical job, which is the experience of many girls. Therefore, taking the opportunity to try on clothes and take a break in the fitting room is something everyone thinks should be done. However, sitting in the fitting room will reduce calorie consumption, about 20 kcal. Although it is less, the fat has changed from less to more.

4. Eat only when you are hungry

When you eat when you are hungry, you will always eat more. This is also an indisputable fact, especially now there are always many small snack bars in shopping malls. When MMs walk on the street, they will feel more relaxed. Go ahead, anyway, when they are hungry, they will naturally have something to eat! In addition, you are very hungry and usually have no resistance to high-calorie and high-fat foods.

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