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How to do menstrual weight loss exercise?

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Menstruation is a physiological phenomenon in which the endometrium of mature women falls off periodically. The shedding of the endometrium will naturally cause trauma and bleeding. Therefore, women's bodies are relatively fragile during this period, and special attention should be paid to diet and daily life. Exercise should also be enough. However, menstruation is the prime time to lose weight, and many girls want to seize this opportunity to lose weight. So, how do you exercise to lose weight during menstruation? The following is a brief introduction to this method.

   Menstrual exercise Weight loss precautions

   1. Do not do strenuous exercise

It is to avoid excessive bleeding or changes in the position of the uterus. During menstruation, women cannot participate in long jumps, high jumps, 100-meter races, push-ups and dumbbells, all of which need to increase abdominal pressure.

   2. Choose the right time to exercise

Menstruation is a sensitive period at first. Of course, you should choose the right time to lose weight through exercise. Generally speaking, if you feel tired after going to bed, you can only exercise when there is not much bleeding and no severe pain in the abdomen. Otherwise, you should rest first.

  3. Shorten exercise time

During your menstruation, your body is not as strong as usual. When exercising, you should shorten the exercise time, slow down, and relax your muscles. Swimming is a very effective Weight loss exercise. But it is not suitable for menstruation. During menstruation, in order to avoid infection or menstrual disorders, do not participate in diving, swimming, water polo and other water sports, and do not take cold baths or wash your feet with cold water.

   4. Avoid water sports

  Suitable for menstrual weight loss exercise  1.


  2. Yoga

Generally speaking, it is appropriate for women to do yoga during their physiological period, which varies from person to person. The maturity of the technique and the softness of the body will also affect your ability to perform certain yoga movements. In addition to not recommending that you do handstands, some yoga exercises can indeed relieve the soreness of the pelvic muscles and waist caused by menstruation. If you are not very good at yoga, try a simple yoga wreath!

 3. Do aerobic dance

Aerobic dance is naturally a kind of aerobic exercise, of course, it is also a way to lose weight through exercise. However, unlike other aerobic exercises, this exercise can be used to lose weight by dancing rhythmically to music. On the one hand, it can consume more calories, on the other hand, it can be incorporated into many dance moves, not only to lose weight, but also to achieve fitness and body shaping. The movements of aerobic dance are not difficult. In addition, with music, you can spend your menstrual period happily.

   4. Stretching exercise

There is no other strenuous exercise during menstruation, so you can just lie in bed and do some simple stretching exercises. The specific actions are as follows:

  Action One

Sit on the bed with your arms crossed, push up, straighten, stay still, pay attention to breathing, and hold for 10 seconds.

 Action two

Sit on the bed, bend one foot, straighten the other foot, stretch your hands to your toes, and breathe together for 10-15 seconds.

  Action Three

Sitting on the bed, hold the elbow of the other hand with one hand, slowly pull inward toward the head, cooperate with the breathing, stay for 15-20 seconds, and then switch to the other side.

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