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How long can I lose weight by swimming every day?

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No swimming, no summer, no exaggeration. When summer comes, people want to jump into the water to cool off. Swimming is a very effective exercise to lose weight, in addition to dispelling the summer heat and making people feel happy. If you want to make a body curve, how can you not get into the water this summer?

  Why can swimming lose weight?

Swimming can lose weight because people's resistance to exercise in water is 12 times that on land. When hands and feet move in the water, people must feel strong resistance. When swimming, the muscles of the back, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs can be well exercised. The sharp muscles of swimmers are the best evidence.

Swimming is also an intense sport. Water transfers heat faster than air. That is to say, people lose heat quickly in water and consume a lot of heat in swimming. Excess fat on the body will also quietly "dissolve in water."

The calories consumed by a person running for 20 minutes in a standard swimming pool is equivalent to running at the same speed for 1 hour on land, and staying in 14 degrees water for 1 minute consumes up to 100 kcal, which is equivalent to running at the same temperature Dissipate heat for 1 hour in the air. It can be seen that water exercise will make many people who want to lose weight more effective. Therefore, swimming is one of the most effective exercises for maintaining health.

 How long does it take to lose weight after swimming?

When swimming, a person’s metabolism is very fast, consuming 1,100 kilojoules of calories within 30 minutes. This metabolic rate can be maintained for a period of time after leaving the water.

Some people lose a lot of weight after swimming, which may be due to insufficient exercise. When swimming starts, it is in the anaerobic phase. Energy consumption mainly depends on the anaerobic glycolysis of sugar. The practice at this stage is very intense. People have difficulty breathing and lack of oxygen supply. They don't use fat at all. In the next hour, during moderate exercise, the energy supply is provided by the aerobic metabolism of sugar. If you want to lose weight, you should swim for more than 40 minutes before starting to consume fat. Experts believe that swimming 3-4 times a week, each swimming time is 1 hour, the most conducive to Weight loss.

 Swimming to lose weight

Find the comfortable feeling of floating immediately after entering the water. Middle-aged, elderly or weak people should use the smallest amount of exercise possible to keep floating. They can water ski with both hands. Take a deep breath and close your eyes, as if you want to fall asleep. You can wake up suddenly or open your eyes. When you feel more comfortable and relaxed than lying in bed, you can get out of the water immediately. When you leave the water, move slowly and feel the weight of your body in the water. Compare the feeling of floating in the water with the feeling of gravity supporting your body on land. Some people are physically strong and it is difficult to experience this feeling. Swim a distance, use low-frequency movements, and then leave the water to find feelings. When the gravity and fatigue disappeared, return to the water. Don't dive, because it's easy to eliminate the sensation that has already occurred.

   swimming Weight loss tips

1. Beginners can swim continuously for 3 minutes, then rest for 1-2 minutes, and swim 2 times for 3 minutes each time.

2. If you are hungry after swimming, you should control your diet. People will experience "over-recovery" after exercise. Obese people are more hungry and consume more energy after swimming, which does more harm than good.

3. The correct posture is good for the effect. If the technical movements are not standardized, not only the purpose of exercise cannot be achieved, but the muscles that should be exercised cannot be exercised. This is what people often call "bias."

4. It is not advisable to swim immediately after eating or drinking, because stomach pressure and cold stimulation can easily cause cramps and abdominal pain, which can cause chronic gastroenteritis over time. You can only swim 40 minutes after dinner.

5. Swimming is not suitable during menstruation. People with protective equipment and swimming habits can swim, but not for too long.

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