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Treadmill weight loss key to master tips

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First of all, the secret to Weight loss on a treadmill

1. Warm up before running.

Warming up before exercise can prevent muscle tension during exercise. Therefore, before each run, you should stretch your leg muscles to make your calves reach their best condition before exercise.

2. Maintain the correct posture while running. Running is aerobic exercise, and the body participates in it. If you keep arching your back or holding the handle during running, not only will you not be able to achieve the effect of exercise, you will also increase the pressure on the lumbar spine, which will cause lumbar muscle strain over time. Therefore, when exercising on a treadmill, you must keep your abdomen tightly closed, your chest outwards, and tighten your waist and back muscles. When running, the heel touches the ground first. Because the soles of your feet will thicken your calves. If you want to have slim legs, you must remember to let your heels touch the ground first, and then your front feet.

3. The speed should not be too fast.

Although fast running can quickly consume the body's calories, it will increase the burden on the calf, accelerate the growth of calf muscles, and easily make the calf thicker. In fact, when we run, we actually start to burn fat after half an hour of continuous exercise, so jogging for 30 minutes or more is The most effective way to lose weight. Therefore, if you want to use a treadmill, you must first understand your exercise limit and don't set the speed too fast.

4. Pay attention when using a treadmill

Don't be distracted while running, such as watching TV. Many newspaper friends like to watch TV while running, which will distract your attention and cause harm if you make any mistakes, especially those who are not familiar with treadmill operation and exercise intensity. If you feel bored, you can listen to some relaxing music while running. Studies have shown that lively music can effectively improve exercise effects and increase exercise pleasure.

5. When running barefoot, the vibration of the treadmill can cause unnecessary damage to the leg joints. In order to make the soles sweat, it is easier to slip. Therefore, it is best to wear a pair of jogging shoes when running on a treadmill. Jogging shoes are lighter than ordinary shoes and have softer soles, making them suitable for running on a treadmill. If not, you can use ordinary sports shoes, but you should choose lighter sports shoes, and the foundation should not be too thick.

6. Pay attention to the best heart rate when running

Heart rate is the data that must be paid attention to at all times during running. These data can directly reflect your exercise status and the effect you can achieve. There is a formula for calculating the optimal heart rate range for aerobic exercise: (220 years old) × 60%/80%. For example, if you are 20 years old, your best exercise heart rate fluctuations are 120 to 160 beats per minute. In other words, running in this range is most beneficial for burning fat and strengthening the cardiovascular system. Don't let your heart rate exceed your maximum heart rate while running. If so, please slow down immediately and let your heart rate return to normal rhythm.

two. Treadmill Weight loss plan

The first time is not less than 20 minutes (220-age)×(60-70)% 0 degree slope step

The second time not less than 30 minutes (220-age)×(60-70)% 30 degree step

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