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Will the calf of the skipping rope become thicker?

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After skipping rope, many people feel tight or sore legs. Therefore, it is generally believed that skipping will make your calves thicker. In fact, under normal circumstances, as long as you do a lot of stretching exercises after skipping, your calves will not get thicker.

   Does skipping make the calf thicker?

   Rope skipping is a good Weight loss exercise. It burns a lot of fat and is not easy to rebound. There are many benefits of skipping to lose weight, but many MM worry that skipping will make the calf thicker. In fact, most MM skipping ropes did not make their calves thicker, but some did. Because some people's genes make it difficult for them to build muscles, while others can build muscles with a little exercise. Therefore, the choice of Weight loss exercise depends on your own situation. Generally speaking, long-term exercise of the calf muscles will reduce calf fat, make the muscles tight instead of fat, reduce the circumference of the leg, and have a beautiful curve.

   Maybe everyone thinks so. After running or skipping rope, they felt their legs tighten. If they do not do stretching exercises, their legs can easily become thicker. Therefore, after skipping rope, remember to do some stretching exercises to make the muscles evenly distributed and prevent the carrot leg phenomenon.

   Stretch after skipping rope

   Stretching after exercise can prevent calf thickening

   Stand up straight, one leg should try to keep the sole of the foot on the floor backwards, the hind legs should be straight, the front legs should be bent, and the body should be vertical. Try to pull your arm back as much as possible. Hold for 8-12 seconds, switch legs, and do it again.

   Stand up straight, stretch one leg forward, bend the back leg, stretch the body slightly forward, and stretch both arms forward. Hold for 8-12 seconds, switch legs, and do it again.

   Stand up straight, raise one leg, grab the shoe with your hand, and try to get as close to the hip as possible. Keep your hips balanced, knees together, and your upright legs slightly bent. If you cannot maintain your balance, you can support a wall or a chair. Hold for 8-12 seconds, switch legs, and do it again.

   On average, the time for a full stretch is about 10-12 minutes. If you do it well, you can open the joints and ligaments of your body. However, it should also become longer or shorter, depending on the temperature of the day. Feel the body temperature rise, but keep breathing smooth.

   Ways to reduce leg muscles in daily life

   1. When you go upstairs, lift your heels and use your legs to bear the weight. This will remove excess muscles on the inner thighs and buttocks.

  2. When you are sitting on a chair, put your calves together and change your legs when you count to eight. Repeat, don't stop to breathe. This can exercise the leg lines.

   3. Sit in a chair while watching TV. Don't bend your knees. Raise one leg, then put it down. Repeat 8-10 times, then switch to another leg, and remove excess meat from both thighs.

  4. When you walk, quicken your pace and walk in big strides so that all the muscles in your legs are working. In short, it means walking with energy. This way of walking should become a regular habit.

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