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Can running on an empty stomach in the morning lose weight?

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Running on an empty stomach in the morning does not help Weight loss

   If you run to lose weight, you will consume more energy during the run. If you don't do this, you may cause irreparable damage to your body, which may cause long-term damage to your body. In addition, due to excessive consumption during running, hunger after running will be more intense, so you may unknowingly eat more food, increasing the chance of weight rebound, leading to the opposite effect of running to lose weight.

   The danger of running on an empty stomach in the morning

   Running on an empty stomach in the morning can cause low blood sugar in some people, and sugar is the most economical and direct energy source for running. Hypoglycemia can cause various unpleasant symptoms, such as palpitations, sweating, and shaking hands and feet. If this happens, be sure to take sugar supplements (such as candy) as soon as possible to make your blood sugar rise as quickly as possible. Therefore, in the process of running, especially in the process of long-distance running, you should pay attention to sugar and water, which are the guarantee of the body environment and the guarantee of energy supply. It is recommended that you eat some light foods when running on an empty stomach, such as eating a banana and half a loaf of bread before running, and eating dinner after running.

  Morning run precautions

   1. Pay attention to your diet before and after morning jogs. "Eat something before running in the morning." Before running in the morning, you can eat a small amount of bananas or a small slice of bread and other sugary substances. However, avoid running at full speed. In addition, drinking water is also very important. If you have the habit of running in the morning, you should drink water 20-30 minutes before the morning run, but don't drink too much water. After running, you should properly hydrate, preferably a moderate amount of salt water, which is better for your health. After exercising, drink plenty of water and eat soft and moist foods, such as pears, apples, milk, sesame seeds, and fresh vegetables. Boil more food, such as rock sugar pear water, wolfberry and loofah to neutralize this phenomenon, prevent overheating, and increase the protective surface of the esophagus and respiratory tract mucosa.

  2. The main warm-up activity before morning jogs is jogging. Many people think that the exercise intensity is not enough, so they ignore the warm-up before exercise. However, no matter how intense the exercise is, you should always do warm-up exercises to stretch your muscles. You can do warm-up exercises for morning jogs at home, or you can perform knee, ankle, and leg compressions in various activities.

   3. The morning jog should not be too long.

   The morning running time is best controlled within 30-50 minutes. The time is short, and the exercise effect cannot be achieved. In the long run, fatigue is easy to occur, which affects normal work and life.

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