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Turn hula hoop skills, multiple ways to play thin body

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Hula hoop is a simple and convenient indoor exercise to lose weight, anytime, anywhere. Hula hoop rotation can help intestinal peristalsis, digestion and defecation, better help lose weight, actively help eliminate garbage in the body, and achieve fitness effects. However, improper methods or overweight hoop can cause excessive impact on the spine and internal organs, causing injury. So, what should we pay attention to when we put the hula hoop? What skills do you have?

  Hula Hoop

   1. Choose the right hula hoop. Generally speaking, the key is a thick hula hoop, which is easy to be moved because it has a greater inertia and more contact. However, if it is too heavy, the waist is not good, so it is better to choose the general heavier.

   2. Master the rotation speed

   Hula hoop exercise is not too fast, it will burden the waist muscles, there is a risk of muscle strain and acute twisting. In fact, turning the hula hoop and swinging at a constant speed is more effective than the abdomen.

   3. Pay attention to the training time

  Hula hoop training can make your abdominal muscles smoother and stronger, and promote gastrointestinal digestion, but it is not good to eat immediately after exercise or a long time. It is also very expensive to stick to this exercise. It works well for 20 minutes a day.

   4. Avoid menstrual period: Women have corpus luteum cysts around the ovaries in the middle and late stages. Because the cyst is very fragile, if the cyst ruptures in the abdomen, the subsequent bleeding may be fatal.

  5. Persevere, only by persisting in exercising every day, you can achieve the perfect waist curve. If you go crazy with hula hoop for 2 to 3 hours today, but do not do any sports tomorrow, fishing for three days, and online games for 2 days, no matter how good, health and beauty will not be effective exercise.

  Second, the skills of the hula hoop

   1. At the rudder

   Main goals: upper arms, waist and back

  (1) With feet shoulder-width apart, stand at the clock direction at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, hold the hula hoop and keep it 30 cm away from your body. When you inhale, hold your chest up and try to lift your shoulder blades.

   (2) Hula hoop clockwise, until your left hand is directly on your head and your hips behind you. Hold for 10 seconds, breathe slowly and deeply, and stretch the muscles.

  (3) Return to the initial position and rotate the hula hoop counterclockwise until your right hand is directly on your head and your left hand is behind your hips. Hold for 10 seconds, breathe slowly and deeply, and then return to the original state.

   2. Bend forward

   Main purpose: back, arms and shoulders

   (1) Stand with wide feet and shoulders, holding a hula hoop 10 o clock and two dots, and put the feet in front of it. Bend your knee cover, sit on your hips, and park 1 meter above the ground. The hoop supports your body, as shown in the picture, straighten your arms and feel your shoulders.

   (2) Continue your body until your belly and thighs, stretch your arms forward as much as possible, and slowly feel your spine and back. At the same time, take a deep breath, relax your neck, and lower your head. Hold it for 10 seconds, then slowly stand up.

  3. Straight waist twist

   Main goals: abdomen, shoulders and back

   (1) The same "rudder" in the initial posture, with the toes forward, the legs, the same width as the shoulders, and the head and spine in a straight line.

   (2) Rotate the body to the left and right, until the chest and head are sideways, hold for 10 seconds, and take a deep breath.

   Note: Complete the 1-3 warm-up, tremble all over, relax the muscles, and then continue to the next action.

   4. Turn to hula hoop

  Main purpose: balance of abdomen, back and whole body

  1) Around the waistband, turn to the left or right.

   (2) Turn slowly at the beginning to find the rhythm.

  (3) Then, put your hands on your head (this action can keep your body stable).

   (4) 3 minutes after the rotation stops, then turn 3 minutes to the opposite direction.

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