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4 best exercises for weight loss in autumn

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1. Outdoor


Effect Index:

Autumn is very suitable for travel, of course, it is also a good season for cycling, especially for those who want to lose weight. Riding a bicycle to climb mountains, combined with speed and speed, will consume more calories, so try to lose weight quickly by riding a bicycle.

Cycling is the best outdoor sport. If you feel comfortable outdoors, you can use different intensities and rhythms, or on different terrains, such as changing driving routes and adding mountain climbing projects.


Effect Index:

Badminton is also a good Weight loss exercise, which can prevent the body from rebounding. Compared with outdoor sports, this indoor sports feels comfortable, but don't underestimate its effect. According to relevant data, ordinary badminton matches are more intense than football matches. Pay attention to preparation activities before exercise to avoid injury.

 Mountain climbing

Effect Index:

Mountain climbing is better for cardiopulmonary exercise, and of course it is also the best way to lose weight. The temperature in late autumn does not feel very cold, but the temperature decreases as the hillside rises, and there is a big temperature difference between morning and evening. Mountain climbing at this time can also keep the body temperature regulation mechanism in a constant state of tension, thereby improving the body's ability to adapt to environmental changes. Note, climb slowly, and remember to increase or decrease the clothes to adapt to the temperature.


Effect Index:

Running is currently the best aerobic exercise. Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, and help lose weight and keep fit. Note that each time no less than 40 minutes, the speed is mainly medium speed or jogging.

   2. Indoor

   stand against the wall

Standing on the wall is the most common way to lose weight. Before going to bed, try to stick your heels, buttocks, and back of your head on the root of the wall, keep your knees and heels together, relax your hands, and hang naturally on your sides. This can effectively consume body fat, accelerate metabolism, and can also tighten the skin and improve the quality of sleep. In addition, when practicing, remember the core points of the three-point one-line action to achieve the best results.

   butt lift exercise

Lie flat on the bed before going to bed, with your knees bent, your hands on your hips, and your palms close to the bed. At this time, tuck your abdomen and raise your buttocks so that your buttocks can move up and down slowly to maintain a uniform breathing rate. When the hips and thighs have the best soreness, practice for 15 minutes a day. This will not only tighten your muscles, but also make your hips more beautiful.

   foot bath

Foot bath is not only necessary for daily cleansing, you can also think of it as a way to lose weight. The correct method can play a very effective role in Weight loss, because all the important acupuncture points of the human body are concentrated here. Stimulating acupuncture points with hot foot bath before going to bed can promote body metabolism and peripheral circulation, accelerate detoxification, and eliminate weight loss barriers.  Lose weight fast

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