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Can walking every day lose weight? Walking to lose weight for 2 months and lose 8 pounds

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Can I lose weight by walking every day?

It is very difficult to lose weight through exercise, and I can’t hold on, what should I do? As long as you walk, I will tell you good ways to burn fat and lose weight. Japanese medical doctor believes that compared with strict diet management and strenuous exercise, it will not cause too much pressure on oneself, and the Weight loss method based on walking is more effective for people who lose weight.

  How can I lose weight by walking? Take walking as the basic exercise for Weight loss.

  A. Disadvantages of strenuous exercise

Don't know their limits

Many people don't know how much their body can withstand during exercise, including the extent of the loss of knees, ankles and other parts caused by these strenuous exercises. If you still try your best to exercise in a reluctant and uncomfortable state, you are likely to be in an anaerobic state, which is not conducive to fat burning.

It's easy to fall into extremes

Excessive exercise or excessive exercise is undoubtedly a great harm to the body. Athletes and ordinary bodybuilders, especially those who need to lose weight, should master a reasonable amount of exercise. If exercise is not legal, they don't know that enough is enough, and sometimes they will get twice the result with half the effort and go to extremes.

Overeating after exercise

Strenuous exercise will consume glycogen stored in the muscles, which will lower blood sugar after exercise, and fasting will increase appetite. therefore. After strenuous exercise, it will increase calorie intake, but will become fatter. In contrast, commuting or shopping activities, mainly walking, can consume fat, because such activities will not reduce blood sugar, so it will not increase appetite. "  B. Advantages of walking and other light exercises" brings very little pressure. Walking is a relaxing exercise that does not require much physical endurance. As long as you walk continuously every day, you can achieve the effect of weight loss. For people who are usually busy with work, especially office workers, there is no pressure.

  C. 3 tips to improve walking efficiency

Most obese people don't usually walk, but walking is one of the easiest ways to overcome obesity. You don't need to exercise so hard, as long as you increase the amount of activity in your daily life, you can burn calories.

Fat burning efficiency is not low.

For example, if a person weighing 60 kg walks at a speed of 4 kilometers per hour, the calories burned are about 249 calories. If you want to burn one kilogram of fat, you need to burn about 3,500 calories.

Let's calculate how long it takes to burn 1 kg of fat:

3500 kcal/(240 kcal/hour) = about 14.5 hours

So, in other words, if you lose weight by walking, you can lose 8.3 kg by walking for 2 hours a day in about 2 months. Think about it, just by walking, you can lose weight virtually, and the efficiency is still high.


1. Change the breathing method

Normal walking breathing method. The chest cavity will expand and contract from time to time. It belongs to "chest breathing". However, you can change the breathing method. When you inhale, keep your chest open. When you exhale, you must intentionally contract your abdomen.


2. First keep your knees straight and place your heels on the ground.

This method is the walking method used in martial arts before. The soles of the feet should be steady. Lifting the root of the foot is like pulling the ground up. In this way, you can move to the large muscles of the hips and the back of the thighs.

When he took the biggest step and walked at the fastest speed, he would soon catch up with the people in front of him. He is very energetic when he walks, with his head held high and his chest open. If you walk in this position, as long as you walk for 5 minutes, you can increase the intensity of fat burning and help reduce visceral fat.

3. Walking in light clothes: Some people wear sweat-wicking clothes to lose weight. When they sweat like pigs, they feel the effect of burning fat. After leaving, I stood on the weighing device and weighed it. I really lost weight, so I think I lost weight. However, walking in this way would be counterproductive.

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