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No matter how you exercise, you won’t lose weight.

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Have you been exercising for at least 4 weeks?

"I have been exercising for a week, why haven't I lost weight yet?" Everyone wants to lose weight as soon as possible, but building a body is a long-term process. The fat accumulated over months or even years is very stubborn. If you want to lose fat in a week or two, this is just a question of thinking. Generally speaking, it is a better improvement for women to lose one kilogram of weight every 2-3 weeks.

  How can you exercise without getting thin? Don't fall into 3 misunderstandings when losing weight

   ask for speed

Of course, people with a large weight base may be slightly faster before losing weight. Many women's weight base itself is not large, and the speed of Weight loss may be slower than the above reference value. Usually, we need 4 weeks to discover your body changes, your friends may need 8 weeks to notice your body changes, while others need 12 weeks.

Popular Weight loss programs abroad, such as insanity and P90X, usually take 2-3 months. This is not an accident. If you are not familiar with sports, you must exercise for at least 2 to 3 weeks to see a little change. Don't give up because of disappointment, give yourself more time.

   no plan

The weather was fine yesterday, so you went out for a run. There is smoke today, so I can only do Yoga at home. I just saw a set of "crazy" hip training GIF pictures on the Internet, so it will become your training content tomorrow. This is indeed a sport that you have to participate in every day. Exercise is better than no exercise, but exercise is not equal to training. This is why the grandmothers who dance in the square often exercise, but rarely have the body you want. If you want to lose weight successfully, you must have a scientific training plan, including clear training goals, training content, intensity, time, and diet plan.

If you have a personal trainer, you should work with the coach to develop a fitness plan that suits your body goals. What is the best plan for weekly practice? How many times a week? How long does it take each time? What is the intensity? Even if there is no private education, there are many fitness courses online. In fact, most fitness tutorials will have very good results if they can be carried out in strict accordance with the plan. The key is not to get confused by the "newest" and "most popular" fitness programs circulating on the Internet and give up halfway through.

If necessary, print out the fitness plan in the form of a calendar and stick it on the mirror. Make your weekly training plan clear at a glance. When you finish the plan, tick it every day. When I saw the mirror the next day, I would remind myself to make up as soon as possible.

   only focus on weight numbers

There are two types of electronic scales on the market: weighing scales and body fat scales. Weight is one of the indicators to measure the progress of weight loss, but it is not the only indicator, or even the best indicator. In the early stages of fitness, fat has actually begun to decrease, but due to muscle congestion and edema, weight will temporarily increase. Gaining weight instead of losing weight will create the illusion that you have not lost weight, but in fact your body fat percentage has begun to decrease, your waist circumference has become thinner, and your body shape has become better-looking. You know, when walking on the street, no one cares about your weight, only your body.

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