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7 minutes of cycling exercise, the fat burning effect is 72 times

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What is a 7-minute cycle exercise?

A series of high-intensity training actions within 7 minutes. Each action requires 30 seconds to move, 10 seconds of rest in between, and then another action is taken, so that 12 actions are completed in one cycle, which takes about 7 minutes. The American Sports Medicine Association recommends repeating physical activity several times a day for no more than 30 minutes.

   The benefits of 7-minute cycling exercise

  A. Amazing calorie burning effect after exercise

Although this form of exercise takes a short time, the effect is amazing. Seven minutes of cyclic exercise can increase muscle mass and enzyme activity in muscles, so that more muscles can burn calories and the body's basic metabolic rate can be improved. The most surprising thing is that the time it burns fat will last until the end of the workout!

When you are resting, your body is still burning calories for you.

Constant-intensity continuous exercise, such as setting the treadmill to run at high speed for 30 minutes, the main effect is to burn fat while running. However, many studies have pointed out that 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training within 24 hours after the end burns more calories than continuous exercise. In other words, when you are resting, your body is burning fat, because interval training pushes the body to its limit and requires more calories to restore body function.

Some exercises have an afterburning effect (referring to the phenomenon that the body burns calories after returning from a state of shortness of breath and high body temperature to a relaxed state, that is, when you rest, your body is still helping you burn calories), but only high-intensity intermittent exercises Burn more after exercise, which often causes people to sweat suddenly. The afterburner effect can last for 72 hours, that is, your calories will continue to burn within 3 days after exercise.

High-intensity interval training burns a lot of sugar and fat, and 15 weeks of continuous training will reduce 4 kg of fat compared to 20 weeks of aerobic exercise. Because intermittent exercise not only has warm "afterburning", but also promotes the secretion of fat-burning adrenaline and growth hormone, so that fat is oxidized, and muscle cells have a higher fat-burning ability.

Do more of this kind of circuit training to improve muscle mass, so that your body can become tight and prevent muscle atrophy with age. At the same time, it can reasonably exercise almost all muscle groups in the body, and can obtain a better fat burning effect than ordinary aerobic exercise for one hour.

  B, unlimited venue

"It rains every day. How do you go for a run?" Although sports have many advantages, we always have various reasons not to exercise. However, if you have 7 minutes of exercise, this is not a problem. This exercise overcomes factors such as space constraints and lack of time. You can not go out for exercise. The rooms, classrooms and offices are all gymnasiums.

 C, make full use of fragmented time

   How to combine the 7-minute cycle exercise?

“I’m coming home too late from get off work, I don’t have time to exercise” and “I’m busy every day” are excuses for not having enough time, but there is only a 7-minute exercise cycle, you can fully use the usual fragmentary time to solve the problem. Without delaying you from doing other things.

   7-minute cyclic exercise needs supplementary nutrients

0 7-minute cycling exercise, the effect of burning fat is 72 times

A. Each set of exercises includes a variety of high-intensity training exercises, such as abdominal rolling, lunges and flat support

bicycle exercise. High-intensity training exercises are mainly used to build muscle strength. Therefore, it is best to continue to practice quickly, each lasting 30 seconds. As for the intensity, if measured by the degree of discomfort from 1 to 10, it should be kept at around 8. In addition to belly rolls, lunges and flat support, you can also choose several actions that suit you, starting from jumping, sitting on a space chair, standing high, and pushing upwards. You can match them at will, without any specific combination. After seven minutes, you can reach your fitness goal.


If the weight base is large and Weight loss is the purpose of exercise, interval training and aerobic exercise can be combined. In addition to walking, jogging or swimming, you can also spend 20 minutes a day doing 2-3 7-minute exercises, which can help more.

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