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Why can't I lose weight when I run?

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You can run very well but you have to go step by step

Even if you slowly extend your running distance without adjusting your speed, you cannot lose weight! Some people start to run faster as soon as they get in bed. If they don't warm up well, they are easily injured. No matter what kind of exercise you do, you should learn to do it step by step, starting with small-intensity exercise and gradually accelerating the strengthening. Only in this way can the injury caused by exercise be reduced and adverse reactions such as muscle soreness can be avoided.

   too much swing

When running, you should say that your body is in a stable central state. Don't let your body curve be distorted excessively and waste energy on unnecessary swings. For example, if your hips swing too much or your body swings up and down too much, you will waste too much energy. However, your muscles will feel tired, which will affect the Weight loss effect of running.

   What did you eat?

If your main goal is to lose weight, if you start running to lose weight, you will eventually have to return to diet control. You have to count the calories you eat and the calories you consume. please remember! Losing weight is never easy. This requires careful planning and endurance.

   Have you persevered?

If you only run once a week, then you say you are running... it doesn't seem strange that you can't lose weight! You should increase your running plan to at least 2 to 4 times a week. If women have physical pain, they may need to combine other mild aerobic exercises to really see results.

  You haven’t worked hard enough!

Yes, very real! Some are born thin, some are born easy to lose weight, so some are born hard to lose weight... Once you get used to running slow, you have to push yourself forward. The body and brain can also learn and remember. To break through the dilemma of Weight loss, you must keep going!

   too much water

After you start running, your body stores water. We all know that people who lose weight will be busy with the number of weight loss machines, but be patient! Drink enough water before and after exercise. Give your body some time, and you will get the reward you deserve. Exercise to lose weight

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