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8 ways to improve the effect of walking to lose weight

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Swing arm

Swing your arms while walking helps you walk faster and burn more calories.

   small steps

A good way to increase fat burning rate is to raise your legs slightly. After stepping 100 steps, recover for 1 minute, and then continue stepping 100 times. This time try to be 5 seconds faster than the last time and repeat 12 times. On your way to work or school, you might as well find a road with small steps, so that the same road will consume more calories.

  Using ski sticks

Ski cane can make the muscles of the upper body participate in the burning of calories, and can account for 20%. Put the crutches 45 degrees behind you and push you forward with ground reaction force.

   wipe the road

When most people walk, their legs are stretched out, and their heels touch the ground first, and then the soles of their feet. Now you have to touch the ground from head to toe, but the pace is more flexible. When your toes hit the ground, they will leave the ground quickly, just like a bullet is loaded. Experts tell us that by doing this, your calves, hamstrings and muscles can all participate in the exercise. The more muscle parts you use, the more calories you burn.

  Avoid steep slopes

Don't think that the steeper the slope, the more fat you burn. "In fact, walking at a constant speed on a gentle hill is much more useful than slowing down on a steep hill," the expert said.

 Stand up straight

When your body stands up straight, your back and hips can work more effectively. In this way, when you run fast, you can burn more calories. Keep your spine straight and keep your ears and shoulders in line with your buttocks.

 Join short-term high-intensity exercise

Simple movements, such as push-ups and short-distance fast running, involve more muscles in calorie-burning exercises. When you walk, stop for one minute every five minutes. In the long run, this will also help your metabolism.

   Increase strength

Walking with a pound of dumbbells in both hands will greatly increase calorie consumption.

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