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The most fat-consuming exercise

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First place: diving

Calories burned per hour: about 900. Bikini, bikini body! Diving is one of the most effective fitness exercises. It can help you shape the lines of arms, chest, waist, buttocks and thighs in all directions.

  Second place: paddle

Calories burned per hour: 500 to 70. Grab a paddle, jump to a board, try to move to find the best spot for surfing, then stand up slowly and paddle freely in the water. This is the most popular sport abroad.

  3rd place: mountain bike

Calories burned per hour: 500 to 600. In the morning, riding a bicycle in the fresh air, I climbed the hillside of the park, then roared down, thinking of you, I started to move. In addition, cycling is also a good way to lose weight.

   Fourth place: cross-country skiing

Calories burned per hour: about 500 (or more). Cross-country skiing is an extremely difficult aerobic exercise, but it is not suitable for the faint-hearted. When you glide as much as you want, this is definitely a sport with thin legs and arms.

  Fifth place: rock climbing

Calories burned per hour: about 550. On weekends, about 3 to 5 friends go rock climbing, which can not only connect feelings, relax the spirit, but also lose weight.

   Sixth place: Snowboarding

Calories burned per hour: about 500. Skiing allows you to move from head to toe, every muscle, especially your legs. However, due to a lot of exercise, the legs will be a bit painful the next day.

   Seventh place: rowing

Calories burned per hour: 300 to 350. Rafting is a great way to exercise your upper body. This is more interesting and effective than doing dumbbell exercises in the gym. Rafting can not only thin arms, shoulders and beautiful back, but also exercise your balance ability.

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