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The fastest way to thin legs 8 ways to reduce leg fat

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Having a pair of beautiful legs is the dream of many MMs, but the legs are the part of the body that is easy to accumulate fat. Some MM often worry about how to lose these extra pounds. Don't bother, Bian Xiao gives you suggestions. According to convention, the legs must be very thin.

   1. Cycling in the air

When doing this, the straightening and vertical movements should be in place and held for a few seconds, so that the muscles of the large and small legs can be exercised and the effect of Weight loss can be achieved. The waist is up and the legs are up. Try to keep your legs straight on the bike. If you can straighten your legs as much as possible, straighten them. It's really hard, but hard work comes at a price. After riding the bike 30 times, rest for a week. Looking in the mirror will have unexpected effects.

2. kick

Do back kicks and side kicks by holding the wall every day, and do a few sets of 15 on the left and right sides. Lie on the bed and kick your legs before going to bed, not only can you quickly tilt your thighs, but also improve the effect of the buttocks

3.Half squat

Do a half squat exercise every day, spread your legs the same width as your shoulders, and then slowly squat, but don't squat completely, squat halfway, then stand up and do 50 reps. At the beginning, if you can't reach 50, you can gradually increase it.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a very popular fitness activity. Experts believe that if you want to exercise your legs in a swimming pool, you can run in shallow water or wear a life jacket in deep water. The resistance of water will make the movement of the legs more laborious, and it must withstand a greater impact to achieve the goal of Weight loss.

5. Shaving legs

Buy a horn scraper, rub your legs with lotion, and scrape from top to bottom according to the acupuncture points. Scrape 20 times quickly at each acupuncture point until the red streak is scraped off. When your left leg is finished, replace your right leg. It is best to shave before going to bed every night. After shaving, do not touch cold water and go to sleep.

6. Take the stairs

Usually take as many stairs as possible, raise your heels, and use your legs to bear the weight. As the burden on the legs increases, the burning rate of fat around the thighs will increase, and the fat on the inner thighs and buttocks will be eliminated. Climbing two steps at a time can tighten your legs and avoid carrot legs and hip lift effects.

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