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A 7-day exercise program suitable for weight loss after the holiday

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How to lose weight after the holiday

Fitness experts suggest that Weight loss should be accompanied by aerobic and anaerobic exercise (square training). If you are not eligible to go to the gym, you can choose some aerobic and anaerobic exercises that can be done at home.

The simplest aerobic exercise is to climb stairs, or do leg lifts, rope skipping and in-situ aerobic exercise. These exercises are very simple and effective. Please note that each exercise lasts 30-40 minutes.

Anaerobic exercise (resistance training), such as: lifting dumbbells, mainly doing arm tightening exercises, 15-20 reps/group, three groups at a time; sit-up exercises, 20 people/group, three groups at a time; hip lift exercises, 20 People/groups, 3 groups at a time.

Without dumbbells, even a 1000ml bottle of purified water can replace the book at home. As long as you remember not to be lazy, persistence is victory.

Fitness advice for sedentary white-collar workers:

Nowadays, office workers, especially computer users, have obvious sub-health status due to sedentary sitting, excessive stress, and fast food. Keeping exercise can not only lose weight, but also regulate your health. Which fitness activity is better for office workers? Experts suggest that you must leave the front of the table and chairs and go to the gym to participate in proper equipment training. You should never think that equipment training is only for professionals. In fact, proper equipment training is very beneficial to the human spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine, and can also play a role in shaping and making people more upright. Of course, it should be noted that you need to go to professional fitness facilities and receive the guidance of professional fitness instructors, which is very important for those new equipment training.

In addition, fitness is a global topic, but what are the most popular fitness activities for men and women? For women, yoga, Pilates (suitable for women's core training), Latin, ballet, etc. are the only choices. For men, equipment, BODYPUMP (similar to thick club exercises), taekwondo and boxing are the best sports to make you more elegant and healthier.

Only relying on diet control to lose weight is poor

Many people use various extreme fasting and dieting methods, such as 21-day Weight loss or 3-day apple weight loss, or to lose weight after the holiday without eating meat or staple food. It can be said with certainty that even vegans may not be able to achieve satisfactory weight loss results, because authoritative studies have shown that it does not seem to be very effective to achieve weight loss and weight loss through dietary control alone. Because once the human body adapts to this vegetarian state, it will automatically adjust its metabolism to meet the body's needs. In the long run, the effect will not be obvious, and the body will decline. Therefore, active exercise combined with negative dieting can achieve and further consolidate the effect of weight loss through the formation of good living habits.

The following is a training table recommended by fitness experts for a 7-day weight loss and body sculpting plan. Observe carefully, and then make up your mind to implement it seriously:

7-day fitness plan:

Day 1: Chest exercises, flat bed exercises, 4 groups, 12/group; upward tilt and flat push exercises, 4 groups, 12/group; sitting chest clamp, 4 groups, 12/group; aerobic exercise for 30 minutes , Such as: treadmills, climbing machines

Day 2: Seated pull-down exercise, 4 groups, 12/group; seated rowing, 4 groups, 12 people/group; 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as glider, elliptical machine

Day 3: Hiking, biking, swimming, playing ball, relaxing

Day 4: Shoulder exercise, seated barbell, 4 groups, 12 people/group; seated dumbbell press, 4 groups, 12/group; dumbbell side lift, 4 groups, 12/group; aerobic exercise 30 minute

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