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Running to lose weight, did you do it right?

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Running is easy to make mistakes:

1. Wear suitable shoes: Some people will buy larger shoes to make their feet comfortable. Large and small shoes can easily lead to sprains. In addition, it is best to wear special sports shoes for running. Don't change shoes after get off work for convenience, just wear leather shoes for running.

2. Running too fast: Some people are accustomed to giving themselves some indicators and stipulating that they will complete a certain distance within a certain time. In fact, running needs to be done step by step, and jogging is the main method. At first, the running distance can be shorter, and then gradually increase as the plan progresses.

3 running in the wrong posture

The whole foot is easy to fall down "crappy" and it is easy to injure the cervical spine. Excessive strides increase the impact on the human body and increase the risk of exercise. The internal and external characters will increase the burden on the knee joint, and it is easy to cause damage to the knee joint and other parts in the long run... Running the wrong posture can cause varying degrees of damage to the body. Therefore, do not run for good looks, but also pay attention to the posture.

4. Wrong sportswear: Some people don't change sportswear for convenience when they go out for exercise, while others feel that casual clothes are comfortable enough. They don't need to change clothes, wear shirts and jeans to go for a run. In fact, all this is wrong. Because it is easy to produce a lot of heat and sweat during running, sportswear that penetrates sweat and discharges air during running is needed to avoid diseases caused by sweat or wind.

5. Water shortage

If you do not replenish water in time during running, your body is easily dehydrated. Therefore, drink water before, during and after exercise. One hour before running and 500 to 700 ml, you can drink another 120 to 240 ml in the first few minutes. When running, you need to drink 180 to 240 milliliters of water every 20 minutes. Add enough water after running.

6. Greedy cup of cold drink: When running, your body is easy to feel hot, especially in the hot summer, or even hotter. Some people choose to drink frozen carbonated drinks to "quickly". However, the human digestive system is still inhibited after exercise. Bulimia and a lot of cold drinks can easily cause gastrointestinal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and gastrointestinal diseases.

  The essentials of running correctly:

1. The head and shoulders are stable. Don't shake your head. The eyes should be fixed in front and the shoulders should be relaxed.

2. Keep your body straight. Keep your body straight from neck to belly. Don't bend over or straighten intentionally. The range of shaking left and right should not be too large.

3. Clench your fist gently. When running, your hands should naturally hold gently. Tightening can cause tension in the forearm muscles, which will further hinder normal shoulder movement. When running, do not hold your mobile phone, MP3 or beverage bottle in your hand, otherwise it will cause your body to sway, fail to maintain a correct upright posture, and increase the risk of injury.

5. The rhythm is very short. Once the pace is too high, you will have the feeling of stretching your feet forward when running, which will produce destructive pressure and easily cause sports injuries.

6. Twist your hips slightly. When running, the range of hip twist is about 5 to 7 degrees. When the hip twist exceeds 10 degrees, it is easy to cause problems such as iliotibial band syndrome (lateral knee pain) or muscle strain on the back of the thigh.

7. keep going forward. When running, it is best to avoid lateral movement of the legs. The side swing of the leg is not only redundant, but also easy to cause knee injury. The correct posture should be that the thighs are straight forward.

8. 180 steps per minute. Several studies have confirmed that a speed of approximately 180 steps per minute is the ideal speed for daily running exercise. Otherwise, the impact force between the body and the ground will increase, causing knee joint pain.

9. Change sports shoes often. If sports shoes are worn for too long, the elasticity of the insole will be weakened and the cushioning effect will also be lost, which can easily lead to joint damage. It is recommended to change to a new pair of sports shoes every 480 to 800 kilometers.

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