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Can skipping rope thin the waist?

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Skipping rope can thin waist

Skipping rope is a convenient tool to keep healthy anytime, anywhere. Although rope skipping looks simple, it is actually quite comprehensive for physical exercise. You can continue to consume the fat stored in the body and exercise many muscles including the abdominal muscles.

When skipping rope, your limbs and body need to exercise repeatedly in the same way for a long time, which can not only strengthen the operation of the cardiovascular system, but also consume calories and achieve the goal of Weight loss. In addition, many muscle groups in the body also need to work continuously. Rope skipping requires exercise, including calf muscles, quadriceps, thigh muscles, shoulders, back, arms, and of course the abdomen. Because when you jump and fall, the abdominal muscles must remain tense to maintain the stability of the upper body. When you jump, you also need to strengthen your waist and abdomen.

In addition, skipping rope can exercise as much as possible. Your rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, oblique abdominal and external oblique abdominal muscles are all part of the abdominal wall muscles. The rectus abdominis muscle is the main part of the stomach, while the internal and external oblique muscles are located on one side of the stomach, while the transversus abdominis muscles are located in the stomach. The combined action of these muscle groups can make the abdomen contract inward. If you breathe deeply while skipping, then the transversus abdominis can get more exercise.

   Jump rope exercise strength and technique of waist and abdomen

A stable speed skipping rope is enough to exercise the abdomen and waist, but if you slightly change the exercise method, the effect will be better. For example, using variable speed or fancy rope skipping, jumping forward or backward, and the speed can be changed from fast to slow, which can make the waist and abdomen harder. In addition, changes such as running jumps, raising legs or cross-leg jumps can also increase the amount of abdominal exercise.

  Pay attention to the weight of the rope

In order to lose weight, the effect of increasing the resistance of skipping rope will be greater, and the method is to increase the weight of the rope, which can improve the effect of muscle movement. The heavier the rope, the better the effect of exercise. The heavier the rope or handle, the more difficult it is to swing. In addition, you can only use weight-bearing skipping ropes, tying sandbags at your ankles, or wearing weight-bearing clothes.

   Recommend some other coups for thin waist

1. Perfect gait: Models are not only slim, their gait is also perfect. In fact, a perfect gait is also a good way to help you lose weight. Try to put a book on your head, keep your back straight, belly up, chest out, and learn the pose of the model. These small exercises can help you speed up the burning of belly fat and help reduce waist growth.

2. Drink more water

Water is very important to your body. Drinking plenty of water will not only make your skin smooth, but also help you maintain a slim figure. The most effective part of drinking water to lose weight is the abdomen, because drinking water can help you expel excess toxins in the body, thereby reducing the accumulation of metabolites, which is The most effective way to lose weight.

3. Detox the body regularly

Most women are unwilling to face the problem of constipation, but detoxification plays a very important role for "low abdomen women". Drinking more green tea, eating more vegetables, and eating less greasy food can help eliminate constipation. In addition, drinking a glass of lemonade before breakfast is also an effective way to help you promote digestion and reduce belly fat.

4. Add high-quality probiotics and save them in the summer.

Milk and yogurt are good sources of probiotics. Drinking yogurt helps to promote consumption, and its rich calcium also helps to burn body fat. Therefore, low-fat yogurt is one of the ideal diet foods and an important food choice, which can turn you into a "small waist essence"!

5. Adequate sleep: Sleep not only affects the body's metabolism, but also causes an increase in abdominal fat. This is because when you are tired, your body will produce more steroids and hormones to affect your digestive system, which will eventually lead to constipation, thus making your stomach successful!

6. Laugh often

Every smile not only makes your life better and happier, but is also an effective secret to Weight loss. Just like blowing a balloon to lose weight, laughter also requires the participation of the abdomen. Watching comedies and listening to jokes are good ways to make you laugh.

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