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7 weight loss exercises to become a bikini body in 1 month

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In the first stage, you will feel good, in the second stage, you will feel more comfortable, and in the third stage, you will have a brand new image. Three to four times a week, stick to it, then it's not far to put on a bikini! 

   pendulum movement

Lie on your back and raise your thighs at a 45-degree angle until you reach your abdomen. Lift your head and keep your neck and shoulders off the ground. Raise your arms up and down five times and take five deep breaths at the same time. Repeat this action ten times.

   one-leg circle exercise

Lie on your back, raise your right leg, maintain your posture, rotate 8 times clockwise, and then rotate 8 times counterclockwise, and then repeat this movement on your left leg.

   one leg stretching exercise

Lie on your back, raise your head, neck and shoulders, raise your left leg, hold your leg with both hands, press down on your chest twice, stretch your right leg, then switch to your right leg and do 8 times alternately .

   legs stretching exercise

Raise your knees to your chest, lift your head and neck off the ground, extend your arms and legs at a 45-degree angle, then bend your arms and repeat this action 8 times.

  Circle movement

Lie on your side with your legs slightly tilted in front of your hips. Straighten the leg, bend the leg forward 8 times, then bend back 8 times, being careful not to move the body, and then repeat on the other side.

   side kick

Lying on your side. Before leaning your leg forward slightly to the hip, straighten your right leg and lower it. Repeat 8 times. Be careful not to shake your hips with the movement. Keep the center of gravity of your body unchanged. Then repeat the action on the left.

   swan movement

Lie on your stomach with your abdomen and hips on the ground, raise your arms and legs, extend your arms forward above your ears, extend your fingers and toes, and then lower to the starting position. Repeat this action 3-5 times.

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