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These methods can definitely lose weight locally

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1. Reduce the chin

Finding now! Be sure to lift your head vigorously to feel your chin and neck tighten. Stop for 5 seconds, then lower it. Do it 20-40 times a day and you will see results within a week.

  Second, the inner side of the upper arm

Two small dumbbells (you can use mineral water instead). Hold them in your hands and raise your arms so that your upper arms are close to your ears. Then bend your elbows and straighten your arms. This is a group. Do 3 groups and 15 groups every day.

   Three, reduce the back

1. Prepare two dumbbells. Stand in a standing position with your arms drooping naturally. Lift the dumbbells and lift the dumbbells back to your chest. There are 15 people in one group, 3 groups per day.

2. Stand with your arms down naturally. Raise the dumbbell with palms backwards. When doing this, keep your arms straight. There are 15 people in one group, 3 groups per day. These two movements can exercise the back, but it is difficult to reduce the fat on the back. It is difficult to fully practice this part in general practice. MM needs to persist for a while.

   Four, upper abdomen

The upper abdomen is part of the stomach. The easiest way is sit-ups. Note that this is not a sit-up! If you sit up while doing this exercise, it’s not good for your spine, and don’t put your hands behind your head when doing this, just hold your ears with your hands, otherwise it will Harmful to your cervical spine. Do at least 3 groups and 20 groups every day.

   Five, lower abdomen

It's a "little belly". Lie on your back, straighten your legs, bring your feet together, slowly raise it at a 90-degree angle to your body, and then slowly lower it. This action can be tiring, but it can reduce the flesh on the front side of the thigh. Do at least 2 groups every day, 15 in each group.

   Six, reduce the sides of the waist

1. One is to shake the hula hoop (aerobic exercise takes 30 minutes to burn fat, so exercise lasts at least 30 minutes). After a week, the muscles on both sides felt visibly tense.

2. When standing, the feet should be slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, the arms should be straight, and the body should be in a "big" shape. Then bend your waist, touch your left ankle with your left hand, then stand up straight and switch to your right. When doing this, you will feel that the muscles on both sides of the waist are stretched. A group of 30 people is formed every day.

   Seven, reduce buttocks

Lie flat on the bed, stretch your legs, and do swimming movements. Slowly raise your legs alternately. Don't put the crotch on the bed. One on each side, one for each 15 people, 3-4 per day.

  八、Crotch reduction

Side kick. Standing, raise your left leg, keep your knee forward, slowly raise it to the highest position you can bear, and then slowly lower it. There is a group under 15 on one side, and there are 2-3 groups every day.

  Nine, reduce thighs

1. Inner thighs: Do squats. Stand with your feet shoulder-length apart, with your toes facing outward, count to 1234, squat slowly until you are parallel to the floor, count to 5678, and then stand up slowly. Do not raise your heels when squatting, you must fall to the floor and move slowly. There are 15 people in each group, 3-4 people per day.

2. Front part of thigh: Same as above. Because this action can exercise the muscles of the front of the thigh at the same time.

3. Back of thigh: Stand up and kick slowly. Eight beats per person, 15 beats per group, 3-4 sets per day. Everyone has different physical flexibility. Don't force yourself too hard to avoid straining your muscles.

   Ten, reduce the leg

The method of measuring calf fat content is very simple. Relax your legs, then pinch the calf with your fingers. If you can easily clamp the fat layer, your legs are fat and need to be reduced. If the fat layer is thin, the muscles themselves will make the legs look thick. This is the muscle.

1. Obesity type: The most effective way is to stand on tiptoes and do 4 sets a day under the age of 20. The point is to move slowly, don't tilt your hips, stand on your toes, and stay for about 3 seconds. After exercise, remember to gently shake the calf muscles to relax.

2. Muscle type: It is very difficult to reduce it. For muscular MM, it is only recommended not to do strong leg exercises, and wear high heels less, so as to avoid the muscles becoming too tight and thick.

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