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Excessive exercise to lose weight

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Long running and jumping load is high

Compared with the large number of people who lose weight in summer, the reporter learned from the 3A Hospital Rehabilitation Clinic that the number of joint injury clinic visits is also increasing. Associate Professor Wang Yuling, director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that this is related to everyone's desire to lose weight, a lot of strenuous exercise and improper exercise.

Currently, popular Weight loss methods among office workers include Zheng Duoyan's Weight loss exercise and the use of treadmills in the gym. If these exercises are too many, the knee joint will be injured. Wang Yuling pointed out that when walking under pressure, the load on the knee joint is 3.02 times the body weight. When climbing stairs or slopes, the load is 4.25 times the body weight, and when running and jumping, the load may increase to 11 times. This means that in weight loss exercises, such as running and jumping, squatting and running with great resistance on a treadmill, the knee joint will always be overloaded, and after more than an hour of vigorous exercise, the knee joint is easily affected. damage.

   Exercise, warm up, and protect three steps

Wang Yuling emphasized that in daily life and sports, prevention of knee joint injury is more effective than treatment. In fact, poor physical fitness, improper activities, technical movement problems, physical fatigue, excessive exercise, field equipment problems, violations of regulations, etc. are the main factors that cause sports injuries.

  The first step: exercise

Before doing a lot of running and jumping exercises, we should first strengthen the strength training of the lower limb muscles to maintain the stability of the knee joint. The easiest and most effective method is to stand against the wall (horse riding squat pose) or stand on the pile naturally. The squat height and weight should be determined according to personal ability, each time 1-3 minutes, interval of 1 minute, repeat 2-4 times. You can also practice squatting, starting from a half squat and gradually transitioning to a full squat, from half a minute to a minute.

   Step 2: Warm up

Including stretching the limbs, moving the body, jogging around the ankles and proper jogging, so as to accelerate the blood circulation throughout the body and meet the blood supply during exercise. Warm-up activities can also enhance the stretch and elasticity of muscles, ligaments and joints, and expand the range of movement of the organs. in

  The third step: protection

In sports, in order to be brave and face-saving, don't make irregular and dangerous behaviors beyond your ability. Avoid stopping immediately after exercise, do some relaxation exercises, open the capillaries and reserve capillaries in the knee joint, improve the blood and nutrition of the knee joint, and promote the absorption of metabolic waste.


   knee valgus and have a good night's sleep

The position of joint valgus and slight elevation is the resting position of the knee joint. When sleeping, you can choose to lie on your back. Don't straighten your legs, you should spread your legs so that the knees on both sides naturally bend outward. At the same time, you should put a small pillow (similar to the size and height of a child's pillow) on both sides of your knees (popliteal area), and adjust your position according to your own feelings to make the knee joint in the most comfortable state.

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