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8 knowledge points of exercise to lose weight to achieve the best fat burning state

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The point is not the frequency, but the slow and sure

When doing muscle strength training, we mainly use several sets of actions as the unit. When setting goals, we mainly adjust the strength by increasing the key points and the number of sets. However, many people are eager to complete the action in order to reach the goal of group size, but in fact, the effect is not good. Instead of increasing the number of groups every week, it is better to set yourself a slow and steady exercise goal, which will consume more calories instead.

A fitness coach once told me that when you feel exhausted and I am about to explode, the best you can do is to do three more sets. Although it is painful, the effects of the last three groups are definitely the best. Remember to stretch after muscle strength training to avoid strain.

   aware of my muscles at any time

Remind yourself to maintain the correct posture at any time and place. Do not bend over when standing, and naturally tighten the muscles of the lower abdomen and buttocks. Only this conscious action can help you slowly exercise your deep muscles. Once you can tighten or relax your muscles anytime, anywhere, it means your muscles are flexible and controllable, showing the best fat burning state.

   Protein supplement after strength training

The cause of muscle soreness after training is that the internal tissues are in a mildly inflamed state. Through this continuous process of destruction and reconstruction, muscles will become stronger and stronger (that is, if you do not feel sore after muscle strength training, your strength will be insufficient). Therefore, add some protein to yourself after training. Protein, sugar-free soy milk and low-fat milk are all good choices. Let these proteins help repair your muscle groups.

   Eat a small amount of meals to prevent hunger

Once the body is hungry, it will release the signal of fat storage. The body also wants to look for high-sugar and high-oil foods as supplements (this is why it always wants to eat salty and crispy chicken in the middle of the night). Therefore, divide the three meals into 4 to 6 small portions. Don't let yourself feel hungry.

  Aerobic exercise needs to include high and low intensity

The body easily adapts to the intensity of exercise. If you choose the same aerobic exercise every time, and do the same intensity and time, your body will soon no longer feel fatigued (and no longer effective!) Choose a different aerobic exercise each time and compare it to a different one. Match the intensity settings (except for treadmills, treadmills, treadmills and bicycles are great). If you run by yourself, run at a moderate speed for 20 minutes, then jog back and forth for 10 minutes. This kind of exercise can increase the fat burning efficiency by 36% compared to normal running!

   Continuous exercise time, the same effect as the addition of multiple exercises

Some people will find reasons for themselves. Alas, I can’t find time to exercise every day, because exercise takes time. However, research has proven that the total time of continuous exercise and multiple exercises added together is the same (for example, 30 minutes and three 10-minute exercises), so you can seize every small opportunity for exercise, such as after get off work Get off the train two stops earlier, take a walk, or do 20 dumbbell exercises when you go to bed together. this

   Looking for ways to reduce life pressure

Research has confirmed that psychological stress does make people fat. This is of course related to how difficult it is for us to seek food comfort when we feel stressed, but it also has something to do with hormone secretion. If your work and life have brought you a lot of pressure, then find ways to reduce the pressure. Yoga and running are both good ways. Stretching the body after exercise, the secretion of endorphins can also make you feel better.

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