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Scientific running to lose weight, easy and fast to lose weight

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When you run, do you usually touch the ground first or do you touch the ground first? If your answer is the former, then you have made a lot of mistakes, and MM will make them. It is not correct that the forefoot touches the ground first when running. Although this method is getting easier and easier, it will cause the legs to become thicker. Therefore, for MM's beautiful and slender legs, you should remember to touch the ground with your heels and jog with your front feet.

  Science running

Running is a kind of aerobic exercise, which can consume excess fat in the body and achieve the goal of Weight loss. Therefore, this exercise needs to be carried out under aerobic conditions, and jogging conforms to this state.

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Key points

1. "Legs" use the thigh to drive the calf. The knee joint should face the toes, lift to a reasonable height, lower and repeat.

2. Feet: Relax your feet, do not tighten your toes, raise your feet to 10 cm above the ground, then drop and repeat. When the soles are on the ground, do not push the front soles too hard to avoid developing calf muscles.

3. Head and shoulders

The head and shoulders should remain stable. The head should look forward and the chin should be slightly lowered, but not lowered. When running, the shoulders should first relax and droop, then arch up as much as possible, stop for a while, restore the original posture and repeat.

4. Gently hold your arms and hands, bend the upper and lower arms about 90 degrees, and swing back and forth naturally. Be careful not to expose your elbows with your forearms and expose your hands with your hind arms.

   heel landing is the key

Mistake 1: forgetting the hamstring tendon

Ten minutes of stretching can reduce muscle pain caused by exercise and make exercise last longer. Stretching after running helps muscles relax and protect joints, both of which help prevent sports injuries and increase muscle elasticity.

If you don’t want your running hobby to make you half-hearted on the sofa, it’s helpful to take a few minutes to stretch your muscles and bones and watch the breakdown of stretching exercises.

Mistake 2: Choose food carefully after exercise

   Jogging to lose weight is the most effective

So, why do you want to eat snacks to waste calories on the treadmill? If you don’t have time to eat within two hours of exercise, stuff your snacks in your bag before going to the gym.

Mistake 3: Not getting enough water.

Make sure there is enough water after running. Dehydration can cause fatigue, cramps and mood swings, and even produce many negative emotions during exercise.

Mistake 4: Don't change clothes after exercise.

If you rest on the sofa in the gym after exercise, your sportswear will be contaminated by skin oils, sweat, and the smell of yeast in the air from your seats. If possible, putting on clean clothes is the best way to stay away from the odor.

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