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How to eat a three-day weight loss meal better

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Is Weight loss also fashionable? Yes. Here, I want to provide you with some of the most fashionable Weight loss packages.

   Some MMs complained that they exercise every day, why don’t they watch meat less? Even if you exercise more and don’t have a reasonable diet, the fat in your waist, legs and lower abdomen will still occupy your body repeatedly. Seeing others eating delicious food, their hearts bleed, they told themselves: "To be slim, you must struggle!"

  NO.1 Three-day diet meal reality show

  1, breakfast a boiled egg, a glass of milk, half an apple or some potato ham salad dressing

   2, Chinese food, a bowl of rice and vegetables

  3, dinner at 7 o'clock, almost the same as Chinese food, but only 7 to 8 minutes full, and can not eat anything except fruit after 9 o'clock.

  4. Drink a glass of juice before going to bed (you can squeeze lemon juice and two cranberries) (it tastes good, remember not to add sugar)


Three-day weight-loss meal How to eat a three-day weight-loss meal is better Weight-loss meal

   5. Fit fitness exercises after getting up

   NO.2 (yogurt slimming diet therapy))

   1. Two glasses of water

  2, breakfast. Vegetable juice 200ml

  3, Chinese food. Yogurt 500g

  4, dinner. 200ml vegetable juice before going to bed

  5.1-2 cups of water

  NO.3 (apple meal)

  1, breakfast: a bottle of milk (or sugar-free coffee), a boiled egg (or tea egg)

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