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One week weight loss menu, healthy and thin

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Many women are used to bringing lunches to office workers. However, if you want to lose weight from this lunch, you must formulate a healthy diet, formulate your own low-calorie diet, and formulate a low-calorie diet for you every week.

  For office workers, in the face of constantly tasting foreign foods, not only can they not arouse appetite, but they are also worried that greasy and high-calorie foods will bring too much fat and burden to the body.

  The following low-calorie bento designed by professional nutritionists for Weight loss friends allow you to consume no more than 550 calories per meal!

   Monday diet menu

   Shiitake Mushroom Chicken in Oyster Sauce: Chicken Bone 100g Shiitake Mushroom 3g

  Mung bean tofu: 20g mung bean kernels, 45g dried tofu

   Cabbage gravy: 120 grams of cabbage, 10g of red silk

   pickled cucumbers: cucumber 100g garlic 3g

  Rice sprinkled with sesame seeds

   Calories: 541-586 kcal

   Assorted squid: cuttlefish 100g fungus 10g red skin 10g green onion 3g

   Tomato sauce tofu: Tomato sauce tofu 1/14 plate

   Hot rape: 100 grams of rape

   Braised Bamboo Shoots 80g

   dried bamboo shoots 80 g

  Rice sprinkled with sesame seeds

   Calories: 399-444 kcal

   Assorted squid: cuttlefish 100g fungus 10g red skin 10g green onion 3g

   radish barbecue: 40 grams of red people 40 grams of white people 80 grams of pork

   Fried pansy: 90g pansy

   Garlic Goryeo: Korean cabbage 100g garlic 2g

Weight loss Meal OL Weekly Weight Loss Meal, Healthy and Lean Weight Loss Meal

   ginger shredded sea root: kelp root 45g tender ginger shredded 3g

   Red bean sticks: 10g

   Calories: 504-549 sticky leg 1 tail

   Assorted squid: cuttlefish 100g fungus 10g red skin 10g green onion 3g

   Stewed large melon: 120 grams of large melon, 10 grams of fungus, 10 grams of red people

   Leek mixed in soy sauce: 100 grams of leeks in soy sauce

   Spicy fried sauerkraut: sauerkraut 50 g chili 2 g

   Hot: 525-570 kcal

   Tuesday diet menu

   Pickled tendon: 80 grams of pork tendon

   Assorted squid: cuttlefish 100g fungus 10g red skin 10g green onion 3g

   Mushrooms in oyster sauce: 40 grams of raw mushrooms

   Sichuan hot Qingjiang cuisine: 100 grams of Qingjiang cuisine

   Spicy fried radish: dried radish 5g

   Calories: 471-516 kcal

   A diet below 800 calories may lead to malnutrition and a lower basal metabolic rate, leading to more weight gain in the future. During weight loss, it is recommended to eat less and more to stabilize blood sugar. Low blood sugar can cause cold sweats, soft feet, hunger, fatigue, etc.

Healthy weight loss

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