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Three-day diet meal recipe, simple and not expensive

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Controlling diet to lose weight is a very effective Weight loss technique, and it can even lose certain weight in a short period of time through Weight loss meals and diet recipes. But what kind of weight loss meals are effective and healthy? Today I will introduce you to a three-day Weight loss meal.

   Three-day diet meal recipe:

   The three-day diet meal requires very high drinks before breakfast and lunch. You must choose a drink before meals every day, which can be black coffee, water or tea. This is to be drunk every day.

  first day:

   Drink a drink before a meal. It is recommended to drink black coffee on the first day.

   Breakfast: Eat half a grapefruit, eat 2 spoons of peanut butter, and eat a slice of unsweetened bread.

  Lunch: 2 taels of salted squid. Do not eat staple foods.

   Dinner: Chicken is about 2 taels of beef, eat a small apple, 2 tsp of vanilla ice cream.

Consequences of weight loss: Black coffee is a low-calorie drink that can reduce the intake of sugar and fat. Black coffee is also a very nutrient-rich food. No staple food is eaten for lunch, which reduces the intake of carbohydrates. Eat boiled squid Reduced fat intake, and not eating staple food for dinner, also reduced the body's sugar intake, but it has properly supplemented the fruit, so it will maintain the smoothness of the intestines, and it is no problem to lose 1 to 2 catties a day. .

Three-day weight-loss meal The recipe for three-day weight-loss meal is simple and not expensive.

   next day

   Drink a drink before a meal, it is recommended to choose water.

   Breakfast: eat half a banana, 1 slice of unsweetened bread, and a boiled egg.

  Lunch: Eat 2 taels of staple food, very good choice of whole grains. You can also eat 5 more crackers.

   Dinner: Eat 2 taels of garlic broccoli, you can eat 2 chicken sausages, 1 or 2 carrots, half a banana, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla ice cream.

   Weight loss consequences: Water can enrich cells and reduce the proportion of fat. Eating boiled eggs in the morning is to replenish body protein and maintain body metabolism. Choosing to eat coarse grain staple food at noon is to reduce the calories of the food. For dinner, eating meat, fruits and vegetables is also to supplement the body with vitamins and minerals to achieve nutrient balance. However, it is possible to reduce the intake of fat and sugar by not eating the staple food for dinner.

   third day

   Drink a drink before a meal, it is recommended to choose tea.

   Breakfast: eat a piece of cheese, 5 crackers, and a small apple.

  Lunch: Eat a boiled egg, a slice of bread, no meat and vegetables.

   Dinner: 2 taels of squid boiled in brine, 2 taels each of red roka and broccoli, half a small melon, and 2 tsp of vanilla ice cream.

   Weight loss consequences: Choosing clear tea has the effect of promoting detoxification. Clear tea contains many nutrients and is a sugar-free drink, so it will reduce calories. Eating cheese for breakfast is to replenish protein, eating boiled eggs for lunch is to increase protein intake, and a small piece of bread increases a little calorie to maintain the balance of body nutrients. Dinner is very rich, but it is still less fat. Having mastered the intake of fats, the whole day's diet is high-protein, low-fat and low-sugar. Therefore, it is possible to achieve a weight loss of 1 to 2 catties after eating a day's meal.

   Three meals a day for weight loss

  Morning: black coffee or tea, black coffee or tea, black coffee or tea, grapefruit, half a banana, half a cheese, two tablespoons of peanut butter, toast/a piece of bread, a small apple, a pair of toast/a piece of bread, an egg

   Noon: a pair of tuna four ounces cheese four ounces eggs, toast/a piece of toast, five pieces of toast/a piece of bread, black coffee or tea, black coffee or tea, black coffee or tea

Late: Thin sliced ​​pork, two pieces of hot dog sausage, two tuna, four ounces, green beans/four o'clock beans, one cup of broccoli, four ounces, ten red raisins, ten red raisins, citrus four ounces, cauliflower cauliflower, ounces, small apples One banana, half a pair of fine honeydew melon, and four ounces of Yunna ice cream

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