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Scientific weight-loss: the correct fast weight loss meal to eat

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If you lose weight improperly, you will lose your health as you lose weight. The following is a brief introduction to several frequently mentioned Weight loss methods, which may have adverse effects on the body, and provide references:

   1. High protein diet

   only eat meat, not starch and sugar. This method can resist hunger and increase the metabolic rate. This method is not suitable for patients with heart disease and high blood pressure. It will increase the metabolic burden of the liver; may affect kidney function; supplementation of calcium deficiency; may lead to osteoporosis, cramps and other phenomena.

   2. Fast Weight loss meal

   is a diet method that can quickly lose weight, but the nutritional supply is insufficient. Long-term use has a great impact on health.

   3. Low-calorie nutritious meal

   Controlling the absorption of calories can quickly lose weight. Eating one or two meals is acceptable. Long-term consumption is prone to malnutrition.


Fast weight loss meal Scientific weight loss: The correct fast weight loss meal is eaten like this Weight loss meal

   4. Acupuncture, acupressure, ear acupuncture

   Appetite suppression is more difficult to last. If you do not control your diet, once you stop acupuncture or finger pressure, your weight will increase rapidly after your appetite is restored.

   5. Slimming cream

  The passive method does not conform to the principle of weight loss (fat consumption), and its effect is questionable.

   6. Diuretics

   Diuretic and water transfer, temporary weight loss, many side effects: drop in blood pressure, weakness, vomiting, dizziness, may cause diabetes, kidney disease, and even life-threatening. Stop taking it and your weight will increase. Can not reduce fat.

  7. Expanding agent

   Reduce food intake by ingesting a large amount of dietary fiber that cannot be digested and absorbed by human enzymes (due to its high water absorption), which makes the stomach and intestines feel full. Long-term use will affect the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc. It has no effect on those who have a good appetite, eat delicious snacks high in sugar and oil, and eat too fast.

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