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The best diet for weight loss, eating this for breakfast makes you lose weight easily

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Best diet for weight loss 1. Coffee
   According to a study in the Journal of Sports Nutrition and Metabolism, drinking a caffeine-containing beverage 1 hour before exercising in the morning will increase calorie burn by 15%.

The best diet for weight loss    2. Banana
   Banana has a full stomach, and is rich in fiber and potassium to prevent muscle cramps. It is an excellent choice for energy supplement.

 Best Weight loss diet 3. Eggs
  Studies have shown that eating protein at breakfast can help fight hunger during the day, especially to make you eat less calories at lunch. Whether you eat boiled eggs or scrambled eggs, eating eggs for breakfast is a wise choice.

 Best weight loss diet 4. Blueberries
   Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and have a purpose-seeing effect. They are very popular among people who lose weight. The more healthy foods you add to your diet, the less you have to worry about weight gain.

 Best diet for weight loss   5. Strawberry
   Strawberry with goat cheese or yogurt is a delicious breakfast. If you want to add more energy, you can also paste strawberries to make a jam, then spread it on toast and eat it.

   6. Tea
  Tea contains polyphenols that promote metabolism and antioxidants that are beneficial to the body.   Foods that are not good for weight loss in Chinese breakfast

  1, You Tiao
   2, Xiao Long Bao on the roadside
  3, glutinous rice chicken
  4, sweetened soy milk

   Deep-fried dough sticks are very high in fat, each stick has 220 calories. Biscuits and deep-fried dough sticks are high-temperature fried foods. After high-temperature frying, they absorb a lot of oil, the fat content is seriously exceeding the standard, and the nutrients are destroyed, and carcinogens are also produced. Each 100 grams of glutinous rice chicken contains about 182 calories. Although it is rich in low sodium salt, potassium and vitamin B1, the saturated fatty acid content is too high, which is not conducive to weight loss.
  Western breakfast foods that are not good for weight loss

  1, mayonnaise
  2, heavy oil eggs and meat
  3, coke
   4. Sweetened black tea.

   Western-style breakfast contains much higher calories than Chinese-style breakfast. Meat, chicken wings, or French fries in burgers are extremely oily, and they accumulate fat in the body when eaten. Moreover, there is only a thin slice of lettuce in the hamburger, and the vitamins it provides cannot really meet the body's needs.  Women’s Weight loss breakfast taboo

   1. Avoid milk and eggs is the best breakfast for weight loss
Milk and eggs are believed to be a weight loss breakfast that many people often eat. In fact, the combination of this breakfast is not scientific. In the early morning, the human body needs a carbohydrate-rich breakfast to supplement energy. Milk and eggs are rich in high protein, but only It can supply the body structure but cannot supply its energy. People will be hungry soon after eating a breakfast of milk and eggs, which will damage the intestines and stomach.

   It is recommended that the staple food must not be less when eating breakfast. After drinking milk and eggs, it must be accompanied by staple foods such as gruel, bread, and steamed buns, so that people can eat more nutritiously and stay hunger longer.

  2, avoid having breakfast when you go to bed in the morning
   Some people wake up in the morning to eat breakfast and fill their stomachs first, and then realize that they may have forgotten to brush their teeth. Many people often think that they must replenish energy immediately after waking up in the morning to promote absorption. In fact, this kind of thinking is very wrong. If you eat breakfast too early, the spleen and stomach are still resting and cannot work immediately. Eating at this time will cause a great burden on the stomach and intestines.

   3. Avoid breakfast as richer as possible
Almost everyone already knows that skipping breakfast is unhealthy, but because of this, they eat a lot of food, even requiring high protein, high calories, and high fat. This approach is not worth the gain, especially in the morning, when people’s intestines and stomachs are very special. Weakness, eating too much food at this time will cause the food to not be digested in time, reduce the function of the stomach, and cause disease and obesity. It is recommended that breakfast should be nutritionally balanced, but it is best to eat foods that are easy to digest and absorb, such as low-sugar, low-fat, and high-fiber foods. According to this principle, eat some porridge, dairy products, soy milk, dumplings, etc. in the morning. Very good choice, oily, fried or hard food, not suitable for breakfast.

  4, avoid breakfast, only seek quick and unscientific collocation
   Weight loss breakfast should be nutritionally balanced. Eating some foods that can be swallowed quickly or without nutrients is not only unhealthy, but also unable to achieve the effect of weight loss. Therefore, the diet for weight loss breakfast still needs to be scientifically matched. Here are 4 recommended Healthy weight loss breakfasts for your reference.

   (1), congee and fruit and vegetable salad
  The light porridge is very suitable for breakfast, and it can also remove the residues in the intestines from the previous day. With the addition of weight-loss fruit and vegetable salad, it is a nutritious and healthy weight-loss breakfast.
   (2), steamed egg and fruit
   The rich protein in eggs makes you feel full and reduces food intake. Coupled with fruits containing vitamins, this combination can promote metabolism throughout the day, so the weight loss effect will be faster and better.

   (3), boiled egg with green cabbage bag and milk
  Breakfast is best to make sure to eat some protein and whole grains, and it is best to control the calories of breakfast within 400. The best choice is hard-boiled egg, green cabbage and milk. A boiled egg contains about 77 calories, and a vegetable contains 100 calories. Compared with meat buns, the calories of the cabbage wraps are nearly 20 calories. The cabbage wraps can also supplement the demand for vegetables and carbohydrates. 250ml of milk contains 200 calories and can effectively supplement the protein needed by the human body.

Healthy weight loss

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