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7 ways to eat wrong eggs

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Eggs are one of the best nutrients for mankind! It is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein. Eating eggs has a certain health effect on the human body, and can achieve the effects of strengthening the brain, improving the intelligence, protecting the liver, preventing cancer, and delaying aging.

But in the daily diet, people often ignore the dietary taboo of eating eggs.

 1. Eat raw

If you think that eating raw eggs is more nutritious, then you are wrong! It is understood that the nutritional value of boiled eggs is higher than fried eggs, and fried eggs are higher than fried eggs and raw eggs. However, immature eggs contain a lot of E. coli, which easily cause diarrhea when they enter the esophagus. Therefore, eggs should be cooked at a high temperature to kill bacteria before eating. In addition, raw eggs contain avidin, which will affect the absorption of biotin from food and cause "biotin deficiency" such as anorexia, general weakness and muscle pain. There is also antitrypsin, which can damage the digestive function of the human body. One more thing to note is that when you beat the eggs, beware of the bacteria on the eggshells!

2. Overeating

Although eggs have high nutritional value, the more eggs you eat, the better. Eating too many eggs can easily lead to overnutrition and obesity. Increase the burden on the liver and kidneys. However, too much protein will overload the urea production system, and intake of too much protein will also produce a large amount of ammonia, hydroxyl, phenol and other chemicals in the intestine, which is very toxic to the human body. Symptoms such as abdominal distension, dizziness, weakness, and coma are likely to occur. These symptoms are often referred to as "protein poisoning syndrome."

3. Eat overnight

If the egg is fully cooked, you can reheat it and eat it the next day. However, half-boiled eggs cannot be eaten overnight. If the eggs are not fully cooked, bacteria can easily multiply under improper storage conditions, causing gastrointestinal discomfort and flatulence. Some people think that the longer the egg is cooked, the better. This is also wrong. Because the eggs are cooked for too long, the ferrous ions in the yolk combine with the sulfide ions in the protein to form insoluble ferrous sulfide, which is difficult to absorb. When frying eggs, you should pay special attention not to scorch the edges, because the high molecular protein contained in the egg white will turn into low-molecular amino acids, which will often form chemical substances harmful to human health at high temperatures.

 4. Add sugar and soy milk to eat

Eggs cannot be boiled with MSG. I believe many housewives already know. However, you may not know that eggs cannot be cooked with sugar, or that you cannot eat sugar after eating eggs. Many places have the habit of eating poached eggs in sugar water. In fact, it causes the amino acids in egg protein to form fructosyllysine conjugates. However, this substance is not easily absorbed by the human body and therefore has an adverse effect on health.

Similarly, eggs cannot be eaten with soy milk. We know that mothers carefully prepare breakfast for their children every day, hoping that the children will get enough nutrition in the morning. Therefore, many mothers inject frangipani into soy milk. Or ask the child to quench his thirst with soy milk after eating eggs. In fact, drinking soy milk alone has a strong nutritional effect. It contains a special substance called trypsin. When it is combined with egg white ovotransferrin, it will cause the loss of nutrients and reduce the nutritional value of both.

 5. After soaking in cold water to eat

I believe that many people have done something like this, that is, they put the egg in cold water, let it pass through the water when boiling the egg, and use the different degree of expansion between the egg white and the egg shell to separate it, but it will It becomes easy to peel off. At first, there was a protective film on the surface of fresh eggs to prevent water evaporation and microbial invasion in the eggs, but the protective film was destroyed after cooking. When an egg is put into cold water, cold water and microorganisms can enter the egg through the bridge holes in the eggshell and the double membrane in the eggshell. Bacteria will be eaten when eating.

 6. Eat on an empty stomach

Eating eggs on an empty stomach will affect gastrointestinal health. Especially when you wake up in the morning, you should eat other things to relieve your hunger, preferably starch and cereals. Then add protein, which is conducive to the absorption of amino acids. Generally speaking, if you eat eggs on an empty stomach, the protein in the eggs will be directly broken down into sugar to provide the energy needed by the body, so the protein will not be absorbed by the body.

 7. Tea eggs

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