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Diet in winter to lose weight, eating is the key to rice

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Carbohydrate is one of the three major nutrients, take white rice as an example. Most of the carbohydrates produced by the digestion and decomposition of white rice can be converted into energy by the body. After protein and fat are digested, they must also interact with other organs to produce fuel.

Make full use of the benefits of white rice, you may not get fat! In fact, as long as you make full use of the three nutrients the human body needs: carbohydrates, protein and fat, you can have a beautiful body.

Note for dieters

Don’t ignore useful white rice and excessive intake of protein and fat, because dieting can lead to an unbalanced diet. It is easy to cause problems in the energy digestion process. Therefore, there will be problems such as getting fatter legs.

If you want to improve this problem, you must re-establish a new dietary rule for yourself. Only during the period of Weight loss, you can not only eat a single nutrient food, so as to avoid the problem of unbalanced nutrition, leading to unhealthy or poor health.

Three major nutrients the body needs

1. The effect of protein

The effect of protein on the human body is to make meat and blood, increase skin luster and elasticity, and shiny black hair. However, if only protein is ingested in the diet, protein will not be able to effectively exert its original function and can only provide pure fuel as the energy for the basic operation of the body.

 Second, the effect of fat

Fat can be divided into animal fat and vegetable fat, but the calories of fat are more than twice that of carbohydrates and protein. Generally speaking, after fat is absorbed by the body, carbohydrates are produced from the body.

The methods and shortcomings of protein and fat as substitutes are common. As long as the body does not have any carbohydrates, the presence of protein and fat will be regarded as a substitute for carbohydrates. In addition, before proteins and fats are broken down into useful energy, they must be fully coordinated by the liver and kidneys to produce useful energy, which can easily cause an additional burden on the body.

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