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What are the reasons for unsuccessful weight loss? Are you still eating snacks casually?

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What kind of experience is a bad habit?

  What you like to eat is high in calories.

   The things you like to drink are high in sugar.

   is proud of what you eat.

   When you are free, you must lose weight.

   No motivation to lose weight

  10,000 reasons to lose weight

   This is not enough to hurt your friend by saying no.

   Reasons for unsuccessful Weight loss 1: Partial eclipse

   Staple food fanatics: Chinese people like pancakes, pancakes, noodles, and steamed buns. Westerners like waffles and pizza. You can't eat meat for a month, but you can't eat rice noodles for a day.

   Carnivores: No unpleasant meat, fried and stewed. Whenever you see meat, you automatically start to feel hungry.

  Dead Bird Stomach: I am proud of eating very little. The mantra is "I eat very little, I am still very fat, I must get fat easily"

   For these three people, no matter how much you eat on the basis of the original partial diet, it is difficult to lose weight successfully. Because you are getting fat, it's not just a calorie issue. A large part of the reason is some nutritional deficiencies caused by diet.

   Reasons for unsuccessful Weight loss 2: Love packaged food

   Three meals a day are either takeaway or supermarket packaged food. They are keen to try various weight-loss snacks and biscuits bought from treasures.

   He said he should eat more whole grains to lose weight, so he went to buy whole grain flour and whole grain biscuits. As a result, he did not eat nutrition and spent money. Saying that diet pills eat more fruits, they drink a variety of freshly squeezed juices. As a result, the cellulose was filtered out, and they drank a lot of sugar water.

   The first step to lose weight is to stay away from packaged foods. If conditions permit, you can go to the vegetable market to buy it and cook it yourself. If conditions do not permit, student gatherings will enjoy the canteen. Because you made something to eat, you know why it tastes so good.

   Because there is too much sugar/oil/seasoning added.

   because it is easy to gain weight~

   Reasons for unsuccessful weight loss 3: Use fruits as staple food

   Last time I used 9 kinds of low-calorie fruits. Although fruits are low in calories, they are not light because they are rich in water. Therefore, if you eat fruits every day, you may consume higher calories.

   Although fruits are good for your health, eating 1-3 fruits a day is enough. You can't stop eating a plate of grapes or three or four bananas a day. This is not to lose weight, but to indulge your appetite.

   Reasons for unsuccessful weight loss 4: Supper parties

   As the saying goes, "A horse is not fat, and it does not eat grass at night." In fact, the same is true for people. If you eat one meal in addition to three meals a day, the calories will certainly not be low. In addition, most midnight snacks are crayfish, and hot pot kebabs are top-notch, high-fat heat bombs.

   Change the habit of eating midnight snacks and lose at least 5 kg this month.

   Reasons for unsuccessful weight loss 5: Sweet food control

   So candy is the easiest to hoard and gain weight. Sweets are the most unforgivable. The so-called ginger brown sugar, brown sugar and rock sugar, no matter what they are called, are actually sugar. It has nothing to do with physical fitness, but it is closely related to gaining weight

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