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Super perfect and healthy weight loss meal

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Today, Bian Xiao brought us a super perfect healthy diet. This healthy diet not only contains a variety of nutritious and delicious food materials, but also takes a short time and is easy to adhere to. The most important thing is that the Weight loss effect is very significant.

   fat reduction = less starch + appropriate amount of protein + healthy oil + high fiber

   Healthy weight loss is not difficult. In short, this is an exercise diet. Weight loss exercise should continue, but the weight loss diet should pay attention to many things. To formulate your own healthy diet, besides strictly controlling calorie intake, balanced nutrition is also very important. So don't think you can't eat meat if you lose weight. In a reliable diet, eating meat is indispensable. "Reduce fat = reduce starch, appropriate amount of protein, healthy oil and high fiber" is the most correct healthy diet and the best way to lose weight.

  Five-day super perfect Healthy weight loss meal

  The first day of healthy eating: End the weekend puffiness and create a new atmosphere for the week

   Breakfast: a bowl of barley porridge, a lotus leaf cucumber and 30 grams of wolfberry brewed into drink. Chinese food: A portion of red bean glutinous rice and a plate of fried pork with daylily. Dinner: pork belly and lotus root soup, a small bowl of rice and 30 grams of wolfberry.

   Weight loss effect: The main function of the weight loss meal on the first day is to solve the problem of edema left by MM eating and drinking on the weekend. Barley and red beans have very good swelling and diuretic effects, and can also treat qi and blood deficiency.

   The second day of healthy eating: appetizer, digestion, refreshing

   Breakfast: a bowl of preserved egg and lean meat porridge. Chinese food: octopus, mung beans, lotus root, rice bowl, wolfberry 30 grams. Dinner: Fungus squid soup, half a bowl of rice, a glass of carrot juice.

   Weight loss effect: A healthy weight loss meal the next day can help MMs open their appetite. When you enjoy the food to your heart's content, you can also lose weight unconsciously and truly enjoy "slimming".

   The third day of a healthy diet: ultra-high fiber, let the intestines dance

   Breakfast: 2 spoons of honey and warm water, 2 sweet potato cakes and 1 spinach. Chinese food: Poria tofu and flour steamed buns. Dinner: crushed pink konjac, a small bowl of water and a glass of apple juice.

Weight loss effect: On the third day of a healthy weight loss meal, you can see high-fiber and low-calorie foods, but don’t worry, because carefully matched foods will not only prevent you from growing meat, but also help you promote intestinal peristalsis and increase Metabolize, eat happily to satisfy your appetite.

   The fourth day of healthy eating: Detoxification and fat elimination, my body is my decision

   Breakfast: green tea powder with a little honey and warm water, a bowl of pumpkin porridge. Chinese food: a bowl of kelp, glutinous rice and a glass of tomato juice. Dinner: rose honey jujube tea, half a bowl of rice, a glass of apple juice.

   Weight loss effect: The fourth day's diet is a comprehensive detox meal. Tempting food can help you shake your belly violently, effectively eliminate toxins in your body, and make you fresh and beautiful from the inside out.

  The fifth day of healthy eating: warm the stomach and build a healthy hotbed

   Breakfast: 30 grams of toilet flushing wolfberry, a bowl of black rice and walnut porridge and a portion of celery lily. Chinese meal: safflower egg noodles, half a bowl of rice and a cup of herbal tea. Dinner: Codonopsis and wolfberry chicken soup, herb tea cup.

Healthy weight loss

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