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Nutritional weight loss meal is the most useful weight loss recipe to eat like this

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Losing weight and eating are bad for the lips and teeth. To lose weight by mastering the diet is the method that many people choose, but there are also elegant diets to lose weight. If you don't do it well, you will get fatter. Friends should all know nowadays that Weight loss is not about eating less or not eating. If you lose it, you can rebound very easily. It is not good for your body. You really need to lose weight through Weight loss meals. You must be nutritious, healthy and thin. Just work. Today, I will introduce to my friends the weight-loss meal certified by a dietitian, and teach my friends to lose weight healthily.

   Diet is to cut "income", of course, the premise is that eating is the link

The basis of    fat is that the energy intake is greater than the expenditure of energy, which means that "revenue is greater than expenditure"; on the contrary, when one is unable to make ends meet and energy is at a loss, people will naturally become thinner and thinner. The law of conservation of energy is the foundation.

So to lose weight is not to not eat. Diet is not to fast, but to slowly reduce energy intake (for example, you can refer to total energy = stage target weight * 30 kcal/kg body weight), and you really have to eat, from the point of entry Take good energy intake. The only productive ingredients in food are carbon water, protein, and fat. Among them, the energy provided by 1g carbohydrates and 1g protein are 4 calories respectively, and the energy provided by 1g fat is 9 calories, which is more than twice that of the former two. What's more important is that no matter if you take too much carbohydrate, protein or fat, all kinds of fat will lead to fat. How can it be eaten?

   1. Red light foods for weight loss: oil cakes, fried dough sticks, snacks, pastries, etc. containing fat and sugar are all high-energy-density foods. In the age of weight loss or quit. Even if you can eat less, it is recommended to eat less. The calorie is high and the nutrition is really not good. Therefore, weight loss is not strictly required at this stage. The essence is to cultivate a healthy eating habits.

  2. Yellow light food for weight loss: The staple food containing carbohydrates needs to be the basis of energy supply, because the energy required by the brain, nerves, and red blood cells can only be provided by carbohydrates. Therefore, it is recommended that the staple food in the weight loss era can be appropriately reduced, but do not completely cut off the staple food, but at least 130 grams of staple food intake should be guaranteed (250~400g in the non-weight loss era). However, a smarter approach is to make the staple food "rough" a little bit. You can think of it as a metaphor for coarse grains and potatoes. In particular, potatoes have low energy density, which can replace a piece of noodles as a staple food, and have a very strong feeling of fullness. For example, if you eat 100 grams of rice, you need to eat 400 grams to achieve similar calories. 400 grams of potatoes account for a lot of stomach, so the feeling of fullness is much stronger than that of rice.

   3. It should be noted that the staple food avoids high-oil cooking methods. For example, a stewed French fries may make up for the energy saved in the day.

Dietitian weight loss meal Nutritional weight loss meal eaten like this is the most useful weight loss recipe Weight loss meal

  4. Green light food for weight loss: Vegetables, yogurt, lean meat, soy products, etc. provide a lot of nutrients but not high energy. The dietary fiber or protein content is rich, which helps to enhance the feeling of fullness. It is a low-energy-density food.

   5. Vegetables: It is best to guarantee about one catty in the age of weight loss, raw or cooked food will do.

  6. ​​Fruit: Because of its high sweetness, it must be limited. It is recommended not to exceed 350 grams. Eat fruity stools once a day, especially bananas, longans, longans, and rambutans that are high in sugar.

  7. Milk: 300 grams of milk per day is no problem. You don’t need to choose skimmed milk when you just start to lose weight. In the later stage of weight loss, the energy level is low, and you can choose to skim or semi-skim. It doesn't matter if you choose full fat, you need to master the cooking oil moderately.

   8. Livestock, poultry, fish, shrimp, and bean products can be eaten, and it is recommended to eat meat when losing weight, but it is bound to choose lean. Meat is not only rich in protein, B vitamins, and minerals, but the energy supply ratio of protein in the weight-loss era can be appropriately improved than usual. If the energy supply ratio of protein is between 15-25%, the ratio of meat is a little higher than usual.

   Nutritional weight loss meal sharing

   Fresh Shrimp and Seasonal Vegetable Pasta

   Ingredients: 6 carrots, 4 broccoli, a little bean sprouts, 60 grams of pasta, 6 shrimps

   Ingredients: red wine vinegar, olive oil, Japanese soy sauce, mustard, herbs, cooking wine

   Nutrition introduction:

  Boiled carrots can only incorporate β-carotene, which can be absorbed by the body, and can be matched with low-calorie olive oil.

   Cauliflower is more nutritious than ordinary vegetables, it contains food fiber and a variety of rich vitamins and minerals.

   Shrimp contains a lot of vitamin B12, and is rich in various trace elements, with low calories and fat.

  Production Method:

   1. Wash all the ingredients, prepare the required quantity and ratio, wash the shrimps and remove their heads, and marinate them with cooking wine for 10 minutes.

  2. Two spoons of red wine vinegar, one spoon of olive oil, two spoons of Japanese soy sauce, a little mustard and a little vanilla, and mix them into a sauce.

  3. Put the ingredients in boiling water and cook, carrots and broccoli for 3 minutes, bean sprouts for 1 minute, pasta for 5 minutes, and shrimp for 2 minutes.

  4. Put the cooked ingredients into a bowl, drizzle with the prepared sauce and serve.

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