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A nutritious diet meal, a simple way to lose weight efficiently

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What are nutrition and Weight loss meals?

This is a very good diet suitable for Chinese women to lose weight healthily-the "one to seven" diet model, that is, one fruit, two plates of vegetables, three pre-meal herbs, four bowls of crude rice, five protein foods, and six seasonings Food, seven cups of boiling water, tea or soup.

  1. Fruit:

   Eat at least one vitamin-rich fresh fruit every day. After years of persistence, you will receive obvious skin effects.

  2. Two plates of vegetables:

   You should eat two plates of vegetables a day. Don't eat a vegetable often. A plate of vegetables must be fresh and dark green during the day. It is best to eat some onions and tomatoes first. Cold mix celery, radish, tender lettuce, etc. to avoid heat cooking vitamin A, B1 and other damage. The actual vegetable intake per person per day should be kept at about 400 grams.

  3. Plants and herbs before meals:

Nutritional weight loss meal Nutritional weight loss meal, a simple way to lose weight efficiently Weight loss meal

   Eating fiber before three meals a day has great benefits for Healthy weight loss and helps to metabolize fat quickly.

  4. Four bowls of coarse rice:

   Eat 4 bowls of coarse rice every day, which is strong and beautiful. We should overcome the hobby of refined staple foods and resist the temptation of delicious snacks.

  5. Five protein foods:

Of course, eating 50 grams of meat from any animal, 50 grams of lean meat, 50 grams of fish (net weight excluding bones), 200 grams of tofu or soy products, an egg, a cup of milk or milk powder particles, this kind of non-fat vegetable protein feeding High-fat animal protein, or plant protein with a small amount of animal protein, is not only economical, but also relatively reduces animal fat and cholesterol. This is considered a "fitness cooking mode."

   6. Six small parts of condiments:

As a daily cooking condiment, they can increase deliciousness, increase appetite, reduce greasy, detoxify and sterilize, soothe muscles and promote blood circulation, protect vitamin C, reduce the loss of water-soluble vitamins, maintain blood osmotic pressure and acid-base balance, and maintain nerves And the ability of muscles to quickly stimulate and respond to the outside world, as well as the function of regulating physiology and beauty fitness.

  7. Seven cups of boiling water, tea and soup:

   Drink no less than 7 glasses of water a day to replenish body fluids, promote metabolism and improve health. Drink less sugary or pigmented beverages.

  Nutritious diet is a pattern that needs to be regular, nutritious and healthy. If there is no regular pattern, then weight loss is not a good way to control weight, and you must be patient. Breakfast must be eaten. Don’t think that breakfast is not important. Breakfast is very important. Breakfast will not increase your weight. Breakfast is to protect your stomach and intestines. I also want to remind you that drinking plenty of water helps the body’s metabolism, promotes the decomposition of excess fat in the body, and has the effect of losing weight. On the contrary, drinking more water has the effect of increasing fat. Many people think that water has no fat. In other words, wine contains a lot of carbon dioxide and other chemicals. Wine is equivalent to liquid bread. Drinking too much wine has the effect of gaining weight.

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