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The fast weight loss meal is so useful, a week fast weight loss meal

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first day

   Breakfast: low-fat milk, half an apple, whole wheat sandwich.

  Lunch: brown rice, mushroom stuffed tofu, spinach boiled beef, radish soup.

   Dinner: tomato macaroni, cabbage lean meat soup.

  the next day

   Breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt and fruit salad.

  Lunch: vegetarian dumplings, vegetable assorted egg soup

   Dinner: Loofah and seaweed soup, carrot and cucumber fried rice

   third day

   Breakfast: sweet potato porridge, boiled spinach, pear

  Lunch: Tomato beef rice, broccoli mushroom soup

   dinner: vegetable salad noodles, double mushroom cucumber soup

   Fourth day

   Breakfast: whole wheat toast, low-fat milk, kiwi

  Lunch: Germ rice, fried cabbage, steamed fish, enoki mushroom soup

   dinner: vegetable hot pot

   fifth day

   Breakfast: Assorted seafood porridge, guava

  Lunch: Brown rice, green onion chicken, green pepper stir-fry, green scallop, seaweed egg drop soup

   Dinner: Less than half a slice of vegetable pizza, tomato and mushroom soup.

   sixth day

   Breakfast: nut salad, apple juice, boiled potatoes.

  Lunch: edamame scrambled egg rice, cabbage tofu soup

   Dinner: Stir-fried rice noodles with vegetables, two-color cauliflower lean meat soup

   seventh day

  Breakfast: wheat buns, fried eggs, half grapefruit

  Lunch: glutinous rice balls, soy sauce dried tofu

   Dinner: burdock shredded carrot soup, brown rice

   Of course, if you can cooperate with reasonable exercise and quickly lose weight within a week, I believe the effect will be more significant!

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