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Share fitness and weight loss meals, plan your three meals a day to get a good figure

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Many friends are particularly envious of fitness exercisers and fitness experts, and they often go to the gym in demand, and some also find private exercises, but the results are always not obvious. In fact, many fitness buddies don't know that eating is also an aspect of fitness. Only by enriching the body with various nutrients and then working together can you have a good body.

   share a set of Weight loss diet three meal plan for your reference:

   Eat a full breakfast recipe: porridge, milk, eggs, bananas, corn on the cob, purple sweet potato, oatmeal combination. Don’t eat buns, fritters, soy milk, these are especially bought on the roadside.

Fitness Weight loss meal Share fitness weight loss meal, plan your three meals a day to eat a good figure Weight loss meal

   7 minutes full lunch recipe: 1 small bowl of rice, order a greasy meal, with meat and vegetables. Eat some yogurt, fruits or nuts next day to prevent me from feeling hungry

   Dinner: 1 small bowl of rice, low-fat and less greasy vegetables, eat some fruit salad or oatmeal 1 hour after the meal to satisfy your hunger, so that you will not be affected by hunger and sleep.

In short, the three meals a day are low-fat and carbs. Don’t completely exclude fat and carbs. It’s unscientific to plan your diet. If you maintain your normal heart, you can strengthen your action very quickly. You can see that you can exercise and lose weight. The result is out.

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