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What to eat for breakfast to lose weight

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The basic principles of Healthy weight loss breakfast:

1. Moderate calories

Measure how many calories you need to maintain basic body energy during a day’s activity. Then one-third of the calories are allocated to breakfast.

Generally speaking, the calorie of daily diet is controlled at 1200-1500 calories. Therefore, the amount of calories allocated to breakfast should be 400-500 kcal. Too much will lead to excessive accumulation of calories, and too little will lead to hypoglycemia and insufficient energy, which will affect study and work in the morning, and even lead to too much lunch .

2. Carbohydrates and rich dietary fiber

For breakfast, you can eat some whole-wheat products, such as whole-wheat bread. This product can provide the body with calories from complex carbohydrates. In addition, the starch in this type of food is easily broken down by the digestive system and can quickly provide energy and various nutrients.

Three, Weight loss breakfast should be properly supplemented with water

Supplementing water in the morning is very important for health. Nutrition experts suggest that one-third of the water needed for a day should be replenished in the morning. Drinking 200 ml of warm water before meals can help wake up the stomach during sleep.

4. Light diet: If you have too much fat in the morning, it will easily accumulate in your body and cause obesity. In addition, oil will hinder the normal circulation of blood and reduce the oxygen content in the blood. Therefore, light food should be the staple food in the morning.

Recommended collocation for Weight loss breakfast:

2. Fruit, oatmeal and a small bowl of peanuts

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