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Choose the low-calorie menu to lose weight without losing health

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Carbohydrate supply source-cereals

Recently, it is widely believed that excessive intake of fat and carbohydrates is the main cause of obesity, so when losing weight, some people almost don't eat rice at all. In order to prevent side effects caused by insufficient carbohydrates, at least 100 grams (1/2 bowl of rice) carbohydrates should be consumed at least a day. Cereals, such as whole grains and brown rice, are comprehensive carbohydrates, which will not have much impact on obesity and are the best food for Weight loss.

"Recommended intake per meal: calories"

1.1.1/2 bowls (100g) to 2/3 bowls (140g) rice, brown rice, barley rice, multigrain rice: 150 to 200 kcal

2. Vegetable porridge (40 g rice, 10 g peas, 10 g carrot, 10 g spinach): 155 kcal

3. Beef porridge (40 grams of rice, 20 grams of beef (sirloin): 109 kcal

Protein supply source-fish and meat

In order to prevent muscle loss during Weight loss, proper protein intake is required. Replenishing protein can immediately eliminate hunger and maintain a sense of fullness for a long time, but most of it will be consumed through heat dissipation, so it is not easy to gain weight. In order to maintain proper muscle mass, the protein required per kilogram of body weight is 1 gram, for example, a person weighing 50 kilograms needs about 50 grams. In addition, the dark blue back fish has lower calories and is one of the best diets to help lose weight.

"Recommended intake per meal: calories"

1. 100 grams of pork (front leg): 181 kcal

2. 100 grams of beef (fish fillet): 154 kcal

3. 100 grams of chicken breast: 109 kcal

4. 100 grams of sole: 129 kcal

5. 100 grams of flounder: 164 kcal

6. 100 grams of yellow croaker: 138 kcal

7. 100 grams of carp: 90 kcal

Inorganic substances and vitamin supply sources─vegetables and fruits

When total calories are reduced, foods rich in minerals and vitamins need to be ingested completely. Constipation is the most common side effect of people who are just beginning to lose weight. To prevent constipation, you should get enough dietary fiber and water through vegetables and fruits.

"Recommended intake per meal: calories"

1. 100 grams of cabbage: 31 kcal

2. 100 grams of lettuce: 11 kcal

3. 100 grams of cucumber: 9 kcal

4. 70 grams of carrots: 24 kcal

5. Eggplant 70g: 11.2kcal

6. 70 grams of lettuce: 12.6 kcal

7. 70 grams of spinach: 21 kcal

 Calcium and protein supply source─milk

In addition to eating, most obese patients may also absorb too much calories through snacks. When you feel hungry, you can supplement the lack of protein and calcium in your meal to eliminate the feeling of fasting. It is best to take appropriate milk as a snack.

"Recommended intake per meal: calories"

Healthy weight loss

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