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Model world super hot 7-day weight loss recipes

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A 7-day diet, including meals for 7 days a week, is quite rich in Weight loss. Although the Weight loss effect may not be the most significant, it is easier to implement and longer lasting. It is said that if you eat continuously for a month, you can lose at least 5-6 kg by the end of the month. If you feel hungry between meals, you can eat some soda cake, or eat some fruits, such as oranges, kiwis, tomatoes, or drink milk, but don't go for snacks.


Breakfast: 1 slice of hard-boiled egg on whole wheat toast, 1 cup of tea or 1 cup of black coffee

Lunch: brown rice, half a bowl of stir-fried vegetables (1 teaspoon bean sprouts olive oil), braised sirloin (50 g sirloin, 60 g carrot, 30 g loofah soup, 1 pear)

Dinner: brown rice, half a bowl of fried green beans (70 grams of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of green beans), half of steamed fish (with a little ginger), white radish soup (50 grams of white radish soup), 1 tomato


Breakfast: Sandwich 1 (two slices of toast with half of ham and tomatoes)

Lunch: 1 bowl of wonton noodles (4 wonton noodles and half a bowl of 1 small handful of cabbage) 1 cold seaweed apple

Dinner: Germ rice and half a bowl of cold celery miso soup (2 slices of tofu), a carambola


Breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs on whole-wheat toast, a cup of green tea and a cup of large tomatoes

Lunch: half a bowl of stir-fried straw mushroom and winter melon soup with germ rice, a bowl of oranges, one serving

Dinner: Half a bowl of boiled brown rice, greens, onions, fried eggs with gold and silver needle soup (30 grams of gold and silver needles) 1 kiwi fruit


Breakfast: 1 bowl of poached eggs. One boiled vegetables and one lunch: a tuna sandwich salad (30 g salted tuna, half of tomato and cucumber (celery and lettuce are the best choices) Apple 1

Dinner: Half a bowl of brown rice, boiled vegetable heart, steamed fish, half a slice of winter melon soup, pear 1


  on Saturday:

Lunch: germ rice half bowl of bean sprouts chicken shreds 1 dish cucumber stir-fried ginseng white radish soup orange 1

Dinner: half bowl of brown rice fried bean sprouts (50 g bean sprouts and 1 tablespoon olive oil), 10 tomatoes, winter bamboo shoots and loofah soup

  on Sunday:


Lunch: half bowl of brown rice, half bowl of steamed fish, half bowl of celery and spinach soup, carambola 1

Dinner: half bowl of brown rice and sauteed kale (50 g of kale and 1 tablespoon of olive oil), marinated tofu, 4 slices of stewed mushrooms, pork ribs, and apple soup

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