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Two-day weight loss menu, you will lose weight if you eat it

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First day Weight loss menu

Breakfast: 4 slices of milk, 250ml boiled eggs, 1

Lunch: rice, 2 tomatoes, cucumber, spicy ears, dinner: plain noodles, no supper, on the first day of the Weight loss week, the body should return to normal from weekend binge and overeating, so you should choose Vegetarian food that can help detoxify and remove fat. However, friends who have the habit of eating late-night snacks or eating at night should start to slowly "shrink their stomachs." If you need to work overtime, please solve the problem before starting work.

  the next day

Have a cup of black coffee for breakfast

The caffeine in coffee can promote lipolysis, and drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can also help eliminate edema. After 30-40 minutes of drinking coffee, the concentration of fatty acids in the blood will increase. At this time, moderate exercise can convert fatty acids into heat energy, thereby effectively burning fat. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is best to get up for a cup of coffee, then go downstairs quickly after breakfast, and walk as fast as possible when changing transportation.

Healthy weight loss

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