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Nutritional weight loss menu, the more you eat, the thinner it gets

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Weight loss menu

  1, apple yogurt

   The first diet menu introduced by    is the apple yogurt diet. The detailed manipulation technique is to cut the apple into small pieces and put it in the juicer, then add yogurt and stir, and drink it fresh. If it is used as breakfast, it can promote gastrointestinal movement and eliminate waste products in our body overnight. At the same time, adding vitamins that are lacking in the body and ensuring one's nutrition within a day will make the body healthier and slimmer with the two benefits.

  2, cucumber eggs

Cucumber has a good effect on reducing edema, so it is a good choice for Weight loss. We can drink a bowl of cucumber and egg soup at noon, so that it can not only achieve weight loss but also meet the needs of body protein. With detailed manipulation techniques, cut the cucumber into small pieces and then stir-fry in a frying pan. Break the eggs and pour them into the frying pan. After they are cooked, add some boiling water, and then add the flavoring agent.

Nutritional Weight Loss Menu Nutritional Weight Loss Menu The more you eat, the thinner you rely on it Weight Loss Meal

  How to eat weight loss meal

   1. A boiled egg for breakfast, a glass of milk, half an apple or a little potato + ham + salad dressing.

  2, Chinese food, a bowl of rice + dishes.

  3. Dinner is eaten at seven o'clock, which is not much different from Chinese meal, but only seven to eight minutes full is enough. After nine o'clock, you can't eat anything, except for fruits.

  4. Drink a glass of fruit juice before going to bed (you can squeeze lemon juice + water + two sour plums) and remember not to add sugar.

  5. Moderate joint action

Healthy weight loss

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