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The dietitian's diet meal is open, and don't miss the healthy and simple way to lose weight!

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Today I will share with you the Weight loss recipe set by the nutritionist. You can eat three meals as you like. It is suitable for colleagues who want to diet to lose weight. You can lose weight healthily and usefully. Let's take a look at it!

  Breakfast: Purple potato milkshake + red and green refreshing silk + whole wheat bread + boiled egg (increasing muscle and reducing fat)

   Steam the purple sweet potato, peel and slice it, and put it in a blender with milk to make a paste; then sprinkle some nuts such as almonds and fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. Of course, it is also possible to replace purple sweet potatoes with whole grains such as pumpkin, yam, and corn according to taste preferences. While stirring the milkshake, wash and shred carrots, lettuce, etc., pour olive oil and vinegar, and cool them into red and green shreds. At the same time, use an egg steamer to boil an egg.

Recommended reason: This breakfast provides us with the necessary energy and carbohydrates for the day. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits are rich in cooking fiber and multivitamins, which can accelerate gastrointestinal movement, achieve the effect of fat reduction and detoxification, and lower cholesterol concentration. And blood sugar after meal, suitable for obese people with three highs. In addition, hard-boiled eggs can also supplement the high-quality protein needed by the body, which has the benefit of increasing muscle.

Dietitian's weight-loss meal The dietitian's weight-loss meal is open, don't miss the healthy and simple way to lose weight! Weight loss meal

  Lunch: Seaweed and sesame rice + mustard salmon + cabbage juice (intestinal laxative)

   Seaweed sesame rice is not difficult to make. First, wash the rice and put it in a rice cooker for simmering. When cooking, cut the seaweed into filaments for later use; put the sesame seeds in a pot and fry them until fragrant, and then crush them. When the rice is cooked, scoop two spoons of cooked sesame seeds and shredded seaweed into the rice, stir well and it will be ready.

   cold salmon is also extremely simple, half a catty of salmon is sliced, marinated in soy sauce and pepper, then heated in a pan with cold oil, fry until the surface is white, put it on a plate, and pour mustard juice and soy sauce on it. In addition, when braising the rice, cut cabbage and other cabbage into pieces to squeeze the juice, and serve with honey at the end.

   Recommended reason: seaweed and sesame are rich in dietary fiber and minerals, which can promote defecation and prevent constipation. The fish oil in salmon is not only good for heart health, but the omega-3 fatty acids in it also help to build muscle and reduce excess fat in the abdomen. The rich cooking fiber of cabbage can moisturize the intestines, and is especially suitable for obese colleagues who are accompanied by constipation.

  Dinner: Red beans, barley and lotus seed porridge + cold konjac shreds (diuretic detox)

   Before going to work in the morning, wash the red beans, barley and lotus seeds and put them in a rice cooker. In the evening, they return to drink while it is hot, soft and sweet. At the same time, add another portion of konjac shreds. Boil the water for one minute, then remove and shred, then shred the purple onion and sweet pepper, pour some vinegar and soy sauce, mix well and serve.

Recommended reason: red beans, barley, etc. are all ingredients that invigorate the qi and invigorate the spleen, which can promote the displacement of body fluids, facilitate urination and perspiration, and thus have the effect of detoxification and weight loss. It is suitable for computer people who usually behave less and talk more outside and have a strong habit. Young and middle-aged white-collar elites with big fish. Konjac shreds are also a low-calorie aspirational weight loss ingredient, while purple onions can soften blood vessels and stimulate gastrointestinal movements. Its rich anthocyanins are natural pigments for beauty and beauty. Coupled with sweet peppers, this dish can be described as bright and eye-catching.

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