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One week weight loss package for balanced nutrition and weight loss

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How to lose weight quickly in a week? In fact, you can also achieve Weight loss through diet adjustment and exercise. A week’s diet is a very good way to lose weight.

Monday: spinach and celery juice, tomato and apple juice

Spinach and celery juice has only the taste of green and raw vegetables, and no other sweet or salty taste. Although it is difficult to drink, I insisted on drinking it in order to lose weight. So beauties must insist on losing weight.

And Spinach Tuesday: Carrots

Don't look at it, there is only one thick soup, you can eat two meals in a row. Because carrot soup helps to lose weight, it can also replenish physical strength, extra energy, and help sleep! I think the incredible MM must eat carrot soup because it is delicious. To lose weight!

Bisque   Wednesday: Broccoli Mushroom

Lunch and dinner are broccoli mushroom soup and tomato carrot soup. Chop them up before cooking. Today's menu is my favorite. It can not only lose weight, but also stay healthy and green! A few slices of tomatoes can be eaten secretly before cooking, so you are not afraid of losing fat!

Soup and tomato carrot soup

After the "inhuman" menu a few days ago, do you feel much more relaxed today? Moreover, the lower abdomen is flat, the legs are thinner, the face is smaller, and the number of times to look in the mirror has increased! Hahaha, this is the charm of scientific diet to lose weight. You won’t be hungry after getting used to it. As long as you resist the temptation of other delicious foods and continue to eat like this, you will get unexpected surprises! Corn, here I am!

 Thursday: Corn with high dietary fiber

Jogging is the best exercise to burn body calories. I run for an hour every day, running and walking. I think this sweat is my fat. The menu is still dominated by low-fat fruits and vegetables.

Friday: The food is still the same, plus jogging

Healthy weight loss

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