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7-day weight loss plan, eat this for breakfast, you can lose five pounds a week

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For the 7-day Weight loss plan, the one-day plan is in the morning. If you want to lose weight without losing nutrition, you must eat breakfast every day. The following editor will tell you what is the best for breakfast? Eat this for breakfast, it is not easy to get fat, and you can lose five pounds a week!

The first part of the 7-day weight loss plan:
   The first thing in the morning is to open the water dispenser and make a cup of warm, light salt water (drink cold in summer). The salt water can clear the intestines.
The ratio of    is that 100 milliliters of water and salt water does not exceed 0.9 grams, and the salt water can protect the skin and make the skin better. If there is no side effect according to the normal ratio.
   Drinking a cup of light salt water in the morning will help smooth stool.
   Drink an appropriate amount of light salt water to replenish water and electrolytes, and prevent heat stroke in summer.

The second part of the 7-day Weight loss plan:
   is to eat twelve dried dates on an empty stomach.
   This way of eating can prevent hair loss, and red dates can also improve beauty and lax bowel movements.

  Sitting in the office for a long time, instead of drinking coffee, it is better to drink green tea and add some red dates to it.
   For girls, red dates can beautify the face, make the complexion look more energetic, and even have the effect of losing weight.
  The method of red date green tea: Material: 5-7 red dates, appropriate amount of tea

The third piece of the 7-day weight loss plan:
   Eat a banana.
   Bananas are also laxative, and weight loss must also pay attention to bowel cleansing and laxatives. In fact, many weight-loss products have to go to the toilet after drinking.
  this means:
   The basic point of weight loss is smooth.
   Two ways to eat delicious bananas:
   Banana Salad
   This is the easiest way.
   Cut the banana into small pieces, then mix it with salad dressing, and put it in the refrigerator for a while.

The fourth piece of the 7-day weight loss plan:
   You must drink milk for breakfast
   A cup of milk can make people feel full stomach, so drinking milk to lose weight is a very considerate and happy way to lose weight.
   It is easy to buy, but it certainly won’t be the only way to lose weight by drinking milk. Here is a way.
   Milk weight loss method:
   1. Drink a glass of purified water in the morning and add a glass of milk.
   2. Eat as usual at noon, but not too full.
   3. Drink a glass of milk at night and eat some cucumbers appropriately.
   Try to control yourself not to eat other foods, especially sweet things.
   Drinking 7 or 8 bags of yogurt a day without eating anything else can help reduce weight.

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