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Four weight loss recipes to quickly clean up the stomach and easily lose weight

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1. Sweet potato snacks

Ingredients: 1 serving of sweet potato, 3 servings of white fungus, appropriate amount of honey.

Preparation method: soak the white fungus in clean water for a while, soak it until soft, then chop it for later use, peel and cut the sweet potatoes into small pieces, prepare a pot of water, put the prepared white fungus and sweet potatoes in a pot and cook until they are cooked. . Finally, add some honey according to your taste, you can eat it as a snack.

Tip: Sweet potatoes are rich in cellulose, which is not only sweet, but also soft. Regular consumption of sweet potatoes has health effects on gastrointestinal health, promotes detoxification, and avoids abdominal obesity caused by constipation. Nutrition experts recommend eating once a day before two meals, twice a day.

  2, burdock intestine soup

Material preparation: 400ml burdock juice and 100ml champagne juice.

Preparation method: Prepare the required amount of burdock juice and aromatic cheese juice, mix them together before drinking, and stir evenly with a spoon.

Tip: Burdock seeds contain unique burdock seeds. Maybe you are not familiar with this ingredient, but it can promote metabolism, promote blood circulation, eliminate blood stasis, regulate the intestinal environment, expel toxins from the body, and promote intestinal peristalsis. Nutrition experts recommend drinking on an empty stomach once a day before meals. In addition, because of the high potassium content of burdock, friends with poor kidney function should not drink it.

  3, ribs and bean sprout soup

Preparation materials: fresh ribs, bean sprouts, green onions and ginger, cooking wine and salt.

Production method: Cut the ribs into small pieces, blanch them in water and wash them. Cut the green onion into sections and the ginger into thin slices. Then wash the bean sprouts and put them in the pot together with the prepared ribs, add appropriate amount of water and ginger slices, cook over high heat, and then simmer over low heat. The ribs were cooked in almost an hour. What I care about is picking ginger slices and throwing them away. I add a little salt and cooking wine to the pot to taste, and finally add a little chopped green onion to taste.

Tip: Add as much water as possible to the pot to avoid adding water twice during cooking. In addition, Pork Ribs and Bean Sprout Soup is rich in flavor and nutrition, which can clean up the intestinal environment and make the body non-toxic and relaxing.

  4, five-grain rice

Ingredients: half a bowl of brown rice, appropriate amount of dried radish, 1 drop of edible oil, appropriate amount of Wubao powder, appropriate amount of salt.

Preparation method: First soak the brown rice in clean water for 2 hours, then pour it into a rice cooker, add a small amount of salt and a drop of oil, after steaming, sprinkle dried radish and five treasure powder on the surface of the brown rice, whole grains and rice are ready Up.

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