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Eating weight loss recipes during the Spring Festival, enjoying delicious and slimming

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Chinese New Year Weight loss Recipes

   One, steamed fish

Whether it is in the north or the south, people all over the country pay attention to eating fish on the New Year’s Eve table. They must also have a head and a tail, which symbolizes that there is more than one year in a year, and the cooking method is arbitrary. Of course, if you want to be healthy, it is recommended that you make steamed fish.

Calories: 115 kcal/100g.

Ingredients: a sea bass (two or two per catty), spring onions and ginger, steamed fish and soy sauce, American fresh soy sauce, salt, oil and dried chili.

1. Wash fresh sea bass, shred green onion and ginger, and shred ginger slices.

2. Slice the front and back of the fish several times, knead well with cooking wine and a little salt; fill with ginger slices and green onions, and marinate the fish maw with green onions and ginger for 20 minutes;

3. Boil the water in the pot, sprinkle the green onions and ginger on the sea bass, and steam for 7 minutes on high heat.

4. Pour a spoonful of steamed fish soy sauce and a few drops of delicious soy sauce into the steamed fish, and put a dried chili ring on it.

5. Heat a tablespoon of oil and pour it on the fish!

Weight loss tips: People who lose weight should eat more fish. Fish has lower calories than other meats and is rich in high-quality protein. Eat 120 grams of fish and 50 grams of lean meat or 25 grams of sausage to get the same calories. There is a simple principle to remember:-Fish is better than chicken, and chicken is better than beef and lamb.

 Second, lotus root slices mixed with vinegar

This is a classic northern cold dish. Sweet and crisp lotus root slices and sour rice vinegar can help you relieve greasy feeling and stimulate your appetite.

Calories: 127 kcal/100g.

Ingredients: salt and vinegar


1. Peel the lotus root into slices, soak in clean water;

2. Add enough water to the pot. After boiling, add lotus root slices and cook for another minute.

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