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Nutritional lunch slimming method to make you healthy and not hungry

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Lunch on Days 1-3: A bowl of boiled vegetables or a salad of lettuce, seasoned with vinegar and salt, without high-calorie salad dressing. Choose any of the following lunch combinations.

1 ~ 2 bowls of thin soup (can be pork radish soup and other low-oil soup) DIY pork radish soup:

Ingredients: green radish and carrot (washed, peeled and cut into pieces); candied dates (washed, cored, and microbubbled); thin (washed, do not cut); dried tangerine peel (a little, soaked and washed)


Add water to the dried tangerine peel, put it in a pot, boil over high heat, then put all the ingredients into the pot and boil over low heat for about 3 hours.

1 to 2 bowls of gruel (such as barley porridge, oatmeal porridge, lotus leaf porridge, etc.), barley porridge can effectively eliminate edema; oatmeal porridge can promote gastrointestinal digestion; lotus leaf porridge has the effect of Weight loss. After lunch, you can take multivitamins to supplement the lack of vitamins and trace elements.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea: Maybe you will feel dizzy from hunger in the afternoon. At this point, you can eat two high-fiber soda biscuits and a cup of low-calorie skim milk (or sugar-free soy milk) for immediate refreshment. Stick to your Weight loss plan!

Lunch on Days 4-7: You can eat freely these days, or you can increase the amount appropriately, but you must pay attention to the separation of protein and starch, avoid fried foods, polysaccharides, and high-fat foods. Drinking more boiled water is also a necessary step.

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