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Exclusive customized supper to replenish energy and not be afraid of fat

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The best choice for detox and fat removal: red bean and papaya porridge

Red beans contain comfrey, which can promote peristalsis of the large intestine, increase urination, reduce constipation, and help remove lower body fat. Papaya contains unique proteolytic enzymes, which can remove fat accumulated from eating meat, and its pectin component is an excellent intestinal lavage agent, which helps eliminate waste in the body.

The best choice for nutrition: fruit and vegetable juice

Cut apples, carrots, spinach and celery into small pieces, add milk, honey and a small amount of ice cubes, and break them with a blender to make nutritious fruit juices.

The best choice for energy supplements: banana papaya yogurt

Bananas, papaya and high-quality yogurt were smashed together. They are nutritious and can replenish a lot of energy needed by the body.

Best choice for beauty: fresh juice

2 kiwis, 4 oranges and 1 green lemon are rich in vitamin C, which is very beautiful.

The best choice for relief: cucumber juice

1 Fresh cucumber, 1/2/l soy milk and 3 slices of mint are crushed and stirred together to make a cool cucumber juice. When staying up late in the summer, have a drink to relieve the summer heat and fatigue.

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