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Egg Milk Soup Spring Quick Weight Loss Recipe

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Quick Weight loss Recipe 1: Komatsu Vegetable Egg Milk Soup

Ingredients: Komatsu, raw eggs, salt, milk, olive oil.

Exercise: Clean up these pink vegetables and keep them moist. Pour the milk into the pot, cook it, add the pine nuts and eggs, and put it in a bowl before boiling. It is best to add some olive oil and stir well.

Efficacy: According to analysis, Komatsu vegetable is a vegetable with high calcium, high vitamin A, B, and C, with a good taste. The Japanese call it healthy and delicious green leafy vegetables. Milk and eggs help us replenish proper protein and calcium to ensure nutritional balance when losing weight.

   Quick Weight Loss Recipe 2: Sweet Pepper Tuna Soup

Ingredients: red sweet pepper, ginger, canned tuna, salt, pepper, lotus root powder.

Exercise: Chop ginger and sweet peppers, cut into rings, put them in a small pot and cook, pour in sweet peppers, ginger and canned tuna, add salt and pepper to taste after cooking. Dissolve lotus root powder with water in a small bowl, slowly pour it into the pot, and stir evenly.

Efficacy: Tuna meat is low in fat and calories, and contains high-quality protein and other nutrients. Eating tuna can not only maintain a slim figure, but also balance the nutrients the body needs. It is an ideal choice for modern women to lose weight easily. Sweet pepper is rich in vitamin C. In addition, it is also rich in subway, magnesium, potassium and calcium, which are very helpful in eliminating constipation.

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