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Egg slimming meal loses 10 catties healthily a week

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Eggs are the main food. Eggs are the staple food of three meals a day. Vegetables and fruits. A small amount of toast and coffee beverages can lose 5 kg per week.

Weight loss principle: Lecithin contained in egg yolk is an emulsifier, which can emulsify fat cholesterol into very small particles, which can be used by the body after being taken out of blood vessels. Eggs can also increase the high-density lipoprotein in the blood, thereby protecting the blood vessels from hardening.

From this point of view, the egg diet seems to have a scientific basis, and it is also an effective and practical diet through practice. When the weight reaches the standard, the Weight loss effect can be maintained by balancing the intake of calories and the consumption of calories.

Eating rules: There is no limit to the number of eggs, and three eggs will be eaten every day. If people with high cholesterol can only eat protein, tofu can be used instead of protein. This method can be effective for two weeks. 5 kg per week, 10 kg for two weeks. There is no need to continue in two weeks.

One week egg weight loss recipe


Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 2 slices of toast, 4 cherry tomatoes, black coffee

Lunch: 1 apple, 1 boiled greens, 1 bowl of white rice

Dinner: 1 bowl of mixed rice porridge, 1 green vegetable salad, 1 kimchi


Lunch: 1 boiled green vegetables, 1 bowl of plain noodles, 1 apple

Dinner: Steak, tomato-based green vegetable salad



Lunch: green vegetable salad, tomatoes, 1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice

Dinner: 1 boiled egg, 1 lamb, tomato-based green vegetable salad


 on Saturday

Lunch: 1 serving of boiled vegetables, 1 bowl of white rice, 8 servings of grapes

Dinner: Spinach, 1 roast chicken, 1 cup of apple cider vinegar

on Sunday

Lunch: 1 bowl of white rice, spinach, tomato, black coffee

Dinner: sea fish, green vegetable salad, mixed rice porridge 1 bowl

Lunch: 1 serving of boiled vegetables, 1 bowl of white rice, tomatoes

Dinner: Tomato

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